Inertia wheels for film production

Product showcase landing page
A new site to promote a piece of film equipment by NODO - Inertia Wheels MAX.
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Project Showreel

NODO Film Systems set out to change the inefficient operating experience and created a unique camera controller featuring proprietary Inertia Motors - Inertia Wheels MAX.

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Visual Design
3D Modeling & Rendering
Art Direction
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client’s request

The client appointed Lazarev. to create a highly interactive landing page harnessing 3D product presentation to promote the MAX Wheels and increase audience reach.


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3D design

Exhibiting product beauty
circuit board motors

Exhibiting product beauty

We designed 3D product models to showcase the premium aesthetics and technical characteristics of the Inertia Wheels MAX and shape people's mindsets about what using the product felt like.


circuit board motors

To shape people's perception of the product offering, we showed 3D models of the unique circuit board motors inside the Wheels. Complementary animations on the horizontal scroll gamify the digital experience to prolong the time spent on the website.

Experience design


UX research led us down the path of delivering a balanced digital experience where interactive 3D visualizations entertain people while technical content educates and drives awareness.

Interactive design


Dark background with trendy gradients and straight lines convey a sense of innovation, inviting people to explore. Then the immersive content flow walks them through product features and highlights the value proposition. To ultimately delight the audience, the website serves engaging content - a blend of 3D models, animation, and horizontal scroll.

Visual Design
UX Design
Motion Design
Lottie Animation

feature highlights

Through rich interactions, 3D renders, and digestible copy, we show off the unique physical features of the Inertia Wheels MAX, drive demand, and encourage our audience to explore the product further.


We reimagined the resource center to become a hub of stories, use cases, educational articles, and videos to showcase the breadth of what's possible with the Inertia Wheels MAX.

feature highlights

Through straight composition and powerful copy, we familiarize people with the uniqueness of the Inertia Wheels MAX and inspire them to experience the product in work.

use case

To create a groundbreaking operating experience, the NODO Film Systems allowed camera operators to adjust the weight of the wheels, control mass and drag, and create different camera simulations.

operating principle

The Inertia Motors MAX combines physics principles and technology innovations to create camera-wheel interactions.

process visualization

Self-explanatory animated graphics demonstrate the interactions between a wheel and the camera and teach the audience what  effects can be created.

production details

Interactions and subtle animations infuse the site with personality and energy.

Editorial content and product stories are connected to bring the emotion of the brand forward and emphasize product benefits.

Contextual information

Speaking to a broad range of audience segments meant creating technical specs that give entry-level consumers just enough information and knowledgeable engineers - the ability to dive deep.

ordering options

We present several ordering options to give existing and new customers the freedom of choice and help them make informed buying decisions through in-depth offerings explanations.

Delivery status

The product delivery schedule is presented on an interactive roadmap that advances on its own as visitors scroll through the section.

Lazarev. fostered a positive engagement by delivering a navigable site that allowed users to absorb information quickly. The team led a thoughtful, efficient workflow that was always prepared for meetings.

Boyd Hobbs
NODO Film Systems