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A new site to promote partnership between Ukrainian creatives and global firms.
Project Showreel

IAMIDEA & Lazarev. intended to encourage the international community to help Ukrainians rebuild the war-torn creative economy and created Ukrainian Power.

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UI/UX Design
Creative Direction
Content Strategy
Webflow Development
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The russian invasion has cut off the Ukrainian creatives from the sources of livelihood. Having no choice, Ukrainian agencies entered the global market with a message to the international community: cooperate with us, lest we become competitors.


To convey the message and persuade international companies to partner with Ukrainians, we built the experience on emotional storytelling and rational understanding.

Experience design


We made the content flow and visual design work together to gradually guide people down the site from war anxiety to business stableness.

The site connects with the international community on an emotional level and shapes their minds on partnership.

Emotional storytelling

We added a powerful video, persuading copywriting and red accents in text blocks to convey the emotional drivers behind the Ukrainians' desire to fight for work to survive.

The choice point

Animated circles with 3D elements stop people to make a choice. We added a blur hover effect to tell that the pursuit of partnership is the main purpose of this site.

Business solution

The final green shaded block relives the emotional pressure and highlights partnership benefits. We designed bold rectangles with decent numbers inside to convey Ukrainian reliability and expertise.

digital directory

A random layout of the directory is created to put all agencies under equal conditions, while filters are added for a quick search. We made a hover effect showing an agency showreel for interactivity and playfulness.


The site offers a responsive view across mobile, tablet, and desktop. We provided the optimal searching experience while maintaining the site content regardless of the device.


We paid special attention to the numbers, as this is what we can be proud of in spite of any difficulties. A minimum of text - a maximum of really important information.

Agency discovery

Pursuing a goal to first build empathy with the right agency and then drive action, we offered people to review showreel, highlights, and awards and then get directly routed to the agency website. Our interactive design and content blocks allow agencies to tell dynamic stories even with minimum words.

We added the hover effects on awards blocks to add playful vibes to the experience. The interactiveness of the website engages people and extends web sessions.


A concise yet informative FAQ page offers answers to possible questions. To motivate other Ukrainian creative agencies to join the initiative, we added a google form right there.