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We engineer frictionless, innovative & user-centric experiences to drive your company growth by launching MVPs redefining existing products & continuously diving intro customer development

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Founded in 2015, based in San Francisco

Whether you're an AI startup aiming for Series D or an established brand seeking a digital transformation, our award-winning team will take your user-experience to the next level.

We enhanced the UX for advanced Shopify analytics, helping Peel raise $5M and leading to its acquisition by Shopify.

Streamlining Boeing’s blueprint approval process, we optimized and simplified company-wide procedures.

Supporting Blade’s marketing activities in the US and Europe, we boosted their market presence and engagement.

We transformed internal communication and onboarding at Hewlett Packard by creating a series of engaging motion reels, making the training process more effective.

Designed an AI + News platform for content company founded by Patric Bet-David.

Improving UX on Corel Draw’s landing pages, we enhanced user experience and engagement.

Creating a new learning experience for Abu Dhabi University, we drove educational innovation and engagement.

Designing digital campaigns for Merke, we attracted more customers and drove engagement.

We uplifted Sophirora Banking’s website design system for scalability, enhancing their digital presence.

Success Stories Shaped by Our User Experience Design Agency

Partnership mentality

Along with taking the lead in designing AI-powered solutions, we embody a partnership mentality. This exact commitment has been the bedrock of our clients’ successes.  When you choose to collaborate with us, we promise to be right where your audience's changing desires meet your ambitious business goals. We don't settle for mediocrity; we strive for excellence in every Figma pixel, every touchpoint, and every UX interaction.


That is how we've built 50+ sustainable startup products and helped 400+ brands secure millions in funding, achieve successful acquisitions, and establish themselves as globally recognized companies.

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Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of digital designs essential for the growth of modern businesses. From B2B SaaS and B2C mobile apps to marketing design for promotions, we display our work created for early-stage startups and enterprises at various stages of their growth.



Digital Product
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We lead your startup at every step of its growth, providing unparalleled personal service at every interaction. Whether it's launching an MVP, revamping an existing product, securing funding with UI prototypes, increasing customer engagement, or boosting conversions, we develop a suite of custom-tailored design services to fulfill your expectations.

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Our industry-specific knowledge and digital product design expertise contribute to solving the right problems, creating the right products, and designing the products right.

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Digital Product
Design Process

We do not take on projects that involve blind conformity or designing out of context. We won't settle for a user interface design that is misaligned with your product and digital strategy. Neither will we launch web development ventures without user testing to validate our design solutions.

Instead, we create scalable digital products that meet the ever-evolving demands of our customers, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Product Strategy
Strategy Workshops
Idea Validation
Market Research
Product Positioning
UX Research
Functional Decomposition
UX Design
User Flows
UI Design
Visual Design

Clients speak out: what they say about our AI design

Even though the world of the decentralized web is a next-level experience, it has fundamental issues that hinder your project from growing. Having partnered with various Web3 startups, we developed key steps to address each with design.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Maria and Lera backed by the amazing design team at Lazarev, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. From start to finish, they were excellent communicators and made the entire process incredibly smooth.

Nick Chapman
Chief Product Officer, Pika AI
/ 02

"They care about the client and have a deep focus on solving problems efficiently."

Jens Mathiasson
CPO & Co-founder at Fieldstream

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Share your project idea with us! Should the partnership vibe not align, we're glad to furnish you with valuable insights that could prove beneficial.

Product Design Agency

Instead of handing off the ready design mock-ups and saying goodbye, we promote your project, build recognition for your brand, and expand your reach when winning international awards.

Up to 2023, our design team won 120+ design awards, some of which had us share the stage with:

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Frequently Asked


How can your digital product design agency help my startup?

We're here to support your startup at every stage of its journey, from the initial pre-seed phases to the later Series D and beyond. Whether it's short-term, fast-paced initiatives or long-range strategic plans, we'll be by your side, providing the guidance you need. Our product designers deliver custom-tailored design services based on your business objectives. 


Do you offer only digital product design services?

Our primary focus is for you to achieve your business objectives. That’s why we do not put ourselves under the constraints of specific design services but rather utilize our resources to achieve the project objectives. Our design team of UX strategists, graphics, UX UI designers, and Webflow developers can jump in to amp your startup with branding, visual communication, website design and development, ongoing product support, and more.


What digital design tools and technologies do you use?

Our UI UX designers use Figma to design digital interfaces, while our motion guys use Adobe After Effects to create stunning motion. But that’s not all. We also use user research and data analytics software like Maze, Hotjar, and Google Analytics to get valuable insights into user behavior and evaluate the success of our UI UX designs. 


How long does the entire design process take?

Digital product design varies from 4 weeks to 6 months and more. Meanwhile, other design services like UI and UX design, motion design, brand identity, or website development might take less. It all depends on the complexity of your project and the iterative process we develop to achieve your objectives. Contact us to determine your specific needs and requirements as well as the time and budget estimations for your project.


How much do you charge for digital product design services?

The cost of digital product design depends on the scope of work and your project’s complexity. Our minimum engagement on product design is $20k. Other digital design services like UX and UI design, branding, website design, and motion graphics have a minimum engagement of $5k.

Have a project in mind?

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Share your project idea with us! Should the partnership vibe not align, we're glad to furnish you with valuable insights that could prove beneficial.

Digital Design Agency
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The powerhouse of AI tech, creative audacity, and business mindset. We work with everything digital and help you turn innovative ideas, products, services, and processes into a profitable business and then support you to scale it from pre-seed to series D and beyond.

Kirill Lazarev
Founder of Lazarev.
Last but not least — we embrace partnership mentality founder holding Webby Awards statue

Expect our design company to go through the hell and water of user and market research, product positioning, prototyping, visual design, and user testing up to launching and IPO. Yet, we're not the type to blindly follow the commands of stakeholders; instead, our product team asks unconventional

questions, not restraining ourselves to “what” but getting to “why” and seeking “how”. Our project managers challenge assumptions and push the boundaries of “how it’s done” while our product designers will present you with game-changing alternatives that deliver results. founder holding Webby Awards statue
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