Fueling Growth for E-commerce Titans Exceeding $10M Revenue

At Lazarev., we partner with $10M revenue brands to take a comprehensive approach to E-commerce, covering UI UX design, streamlining logistics, and effective marketing.

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Our designs boost conversion rates, driving the growth of your business.

Lazarev. partners with $10M+ revenue brands, expertly scaling and solving their business challenges, from logistics to technology integration and customer retention. We are your growth partners in every dimension of e-commerce business.

  1. Experience design created for more sales
    Our laser focus on UI/UX design serves as the bedrock of your digital presence, forginge-commerce marketplaces, stores, and apps that effortlessly harmonize consumer desires with your revenue objectives.
  2. Operational excellence for seamless success
    We operate from extensive 100,000-square-foot 3PL facilities located in New Jersey, Canada, and Brussels. Our expertise lies in importing, clearing customs, picking, packing, and efficiently shipping goods throughout the United States and beyond.
  3. Performance marketing: maximizing revenue efficiency
    We have every strategy you need to attract more qualified shoppers and make more sales through Performance Marketing. From crafting conversion rate optimization (CRO) content to launching and continuously optimizing campaigns, our mission is crystal clear: to maximize your revenue at the most efficient rate possible.
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UI UX Design

Lazarev. streamlines your E-commerce operations, allowing you to concentrate on strategic growth initiatives, secure in the knowledge that your business is in expert hands.

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Website Design Development and Maintenance

Our mission is to simplify the shopping experience. Thus, we specialize in Experience Design, where we engage the senses of your audience. Through our holistic approach encompassing Experience Strategy, UI/UX Design and Development, we sculpt e-commerce experiences that seamlessly blend service, utility, and inspiration.

Our unwavering focus is on making your e-commerce operations smooth, efficient, and dependable, freeing you to expand your business ambitiously.

E-commerce Operations: 3PL and beyond

We offer 3PL services based on a profound comprehension of the nuances within the realm of online retail. This understanding encompasses the critical elements of swift order fulfillment, efficient inventory control, scalability, and more. Our 3PL services empower you to achieve greater success by delivering flawless logistics solutions, spanning everything from imports to timely shipping, ensuring impeccable product delivery.

Adaptive Scalability And Inventory Management

We comprehend that e-commerce is dynamic, and your order fulfillment requirements may fluctuate. Our agility shines as we swiftly scale our services up or down to accommodate your evolving needs, all while maintaining unwavering service quality.

We excel in maintaining inventory accuracy, ensuring products are perpetually in stock for your consumers. Our streamlined pick, pack, and ship processes minimize errors and expedite delivery time.

Returns Management And Multi-Channel Integration

Acknowledging the reality of returns in e-commerce, we've instituted effective returns management processes. This simplifies the return process for customers and streamlines restocking and returns processing for you.

We harmoniously integrate with the various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces you utilize. This enables efficient order processing and inventory management across multiple sales channels, ensuring consistency and control.

Visibility Across The Supply Chain And Customer Service

Our warehouse management systems (WMS), order management systems (OMS), and real-time tracking and reporting tools increase sales across multiple channels and minimize errors and delays.

Recognizing the higher costs associated with acquiring new clients, we prioritize customer support. We cover email, chat, and phone support to promptly address inquiries and elevate the overall level of customer satisfaction.

Geographic Coverage And International Expansion

We have strategically located warehouses and distribution centers ready to serve you. They enable us to provide fast and cost-effective shipping to a wide customer base. Our network extends from New Jersey to Belgium and Canada, ensuring efficient responses to market demands.

We understand that your goals may include broader coverage, and we're here to support you. Our team is ready to address challenges related to logistics, currency, and compliance to facilitate successful global growth.

Infusing the power of AI into your E-commerce operations

From  algorithms providing tailored product recommendations, and predictive analytics foreseeing trends, to inventory optimization ensuring efficiency - we lead AI in E-commerce.

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From crafting CRO content to launching and continuously optimizing campaigns, we grow your business.

Performance Marketing and Content Creation

At Lazarev.agency, we take the reins of your product's journey and guide it through every stage of promotion and sales. From the inception of awareness to the final transaction, we meticulously optimize each critical touchpoint, forging lasting connections with your customers.

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Performance Marketing and Advertising

We optimize your ad performance using the best practices and a team of experts & smart AI-driven tech, to help you sell more of your stuff, deliver you additional sales, higher ROI and increased market share.

Your needs are always our primary focus and your ROI is always our primary goal. To this end, we have developed a methodology that allows you and us to achieve the best results.

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Strategic Content Creation

Our commitment is to deliver consistent and dependable sales results by showcasing the right content to the right audience at the right time. Through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) practices, we ensure that your content, whether on catalog product pages or Google ads, resonates with your audience and sells.

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Infusing AI into PPC Marketing

During your first meeting with our team of experts, we’ll discuss your products, challenges, budget & goals, before suggesting a PPC strategy for how we can help.

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Optimizing your product feed

The better the quality of your feed, the better the data we can send to Google, Bing, Microsoft, social media or other PPC networks.

Using a combination of smart algorithms and AI tech, we analyze and then optimize your product feed, ensuring each product is set up for maximum success. Once your feeds are optimized, we start pushing traffic to ingest data into our system.

  1. Google Ads
  2. Bing Ads
  3. Social Media Ads
  4. Multiple PPC Networks
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Reporting back & continually optimizing

As sales roll in, we’ll provide you with regular in-depth performance reports, along with strategies for continued optimisation and consistent success. We work with you to maximize seasonal trends, special promotions and product availability.

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We optimize all customer interactions for CRO

We infuse CRO practices into every interaction your e-commerce customers have with your brand

You can focus on growing your business, while we handle everything else. From inventory management, goods delivery and beyond, we provide you with the freedom to thrive, knowing that every aspect of your e-commerce operation is in expert hands.

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What clients say about working with us

At our agency, we are the architects of e-commerce success, blending artistry with technology to craft digital experiences that captivate and convert.

But for now, we'll step aside and allow our clients to speak to the expertise they've witnessed.

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"They knew about everything, from in-depth research to perfect execution."

Maxence Bouvier
CEO at Mappn
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"From the get-go, they gave me the confidence that Kirill and his team would be able to meet my needs."

Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
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Have a project in mind?

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Share your project idea with us! Should the partnership vibe not align, we're glad to furnish you with valuable insights that could prove beneficial.

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