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At Lazarev, a UX research agency, our expertise lies in building personalized user experiences across various digital products, applications, websites, and more, spanning diverse industries

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At Lazarev., we're not content with merely scratching the surface of how people behave or what drives their actions. We relentlessly unravel the deeper question: why people do so and how to improve their brand or customer experience.

  1. We're not in the business of pointless data collection. Our aim is high productivity, extracting maximum value from discovery, and making your resources count.
  2. Each user experience research endeavor we undertake is all about turning the research results into insights that shape user centered design solutions. We take these solutions through rigorous testing, continually refining and improving.
  3. Our approach involves comprehensive exploration of user behavior using a variety of tools. We leave no stone unturned, from thorough market research to continuous user analysis, using techniques like heat mapping and usability testing.
Case studies

User Experience research: our Portfolio

We acquired a proven track record of conducting market and user research across diverse industries and project scopes –– be it building a B2B AI-driven product or designing a website for an SMB.

UX Research services

Despite our extensive experience, our journey begins with a profound exploration of your project's intricacies. We dedicate ourselves to comprehending your target audience, aligning with your business objectives, and pinpointing any pertinent constraints. Only once we have a clear understanding of your digital solution and its unique intricacies, do we initiate the rigorous UX evaluation process.

Web UX research

In our approach to UX research for web apps, we consistently adhere to the principle of "nothing about users without users." Simultaneously, we never initiate the research without conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market and a thorough examination of our competitors.

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Mobile UX research

At Lazarev.agency, we delve deeply into user behaviors and preferences, shaping research strategies that harmoniously align with your mobile app objectives. Starting from your initial mobile app concept, we craft a finely-tuned approach that not only fulfills user requirements but also delivers significant business outcomes for you.

A presentation screen showing the results of a UX research for mobile

SaaS UX research

We delve into understanding your SaaS clients, thoroughly grasp your business objectives and digital strategy, explore your SaaS product concept, and more. Subsequently, we delve into analyzing insights derived from UX research and market analysis, facilitating the development of user personas and a customer journey map.

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Building AI solutions through
UX research

Through user research and analysis, we pinpoint user problems, allowing AI to meet their needs. We then innovate AI integration into your product to set your business apart.

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Navigating User Research Across Industries

User research finds its footing across a broad spectrum of industries and digital projects, where it's a guiding light for creating user-centric designs. At Lazarev.agency every single project, regardless of its domain, undergoes the rigorous process of discovery.

🔥 AI & Machine Learning

User experience research steers the creation of intuitive interfaces that make AI/ML technologies accessible and comprehensible. Crafting AI interfaces hinged on verified research insights fosters user trust, promotes adoption, and fine-tunes AI algorithms to cater to real-world needs.


Precisely learning how individuals interact with and what they anticipate from FinTech solutions help us build secure, reliable, and scalable banking and financial technology platforms. UX research empowers seamless transaction experiences, comprehensive financial visualizations, and more.

Web3 & Blockchain

UX research helps us ensure that interactions with decentralized systems are intuitive, seamless, and secure. The insights from research are turned into the fluid interfaces that foster trust and enable broader participation in the decentralized ecosystem.

Real Estate

User experience research holds the key to discovering the true human motivations for acquiring real estate. It reveals how people search for property, interact with agents, what their challenges are, and how to address them.


Through UX analysis,  we decode your overarching digital vision and translate it into a cohesive E-commerce platform experience. We learn user browsing behavior, seasonal trends, and consumer intents to later craft sales-driven retail and E-commerce solutions.

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Our UX Research Process

Keeping in mind that each project is different, we offer you a custom-tailored design process for doing UX research, depending on your product concept, stage of development, business goals, constraints, and more.

Our best UX designers and business analysts are involved in conducting research and design thinking processes.


Discovering your goals and vision

Before even sketching out a project plan, we hold on stakeholder workshops to figure out your business needs, constraints, and opportunities and come up with a set of research activities. During these sessions, we're asking big questions like what is the main idea behind the project or who your clients are.


Analyzing insights

We analyze the data and look for common threads that make patterns and turn the insights into design solutions. Mainly they form the foundation for developing personas, user journey mapping, user flows, product positioning, and strategy.


Creating a UX research strategy

The hypotheses we formulate during the workshops guide our research moves – we chose activities to either confirm or debunk those educated guesses. At the same time, we develop a strategy roadmap that provides a high-level overview of the product's goals and milestones. It's a compass that keeps you and our design team headed in the right direction.


Running UX research

Once we determined what data we need, the data collection process is launched. Our team is here to record and document findings, insights, or feedback from user interviews to further analyze the collected data. We identify patterns, trends, and user insights and look for common pain points, needs, and preferences.


Pursuing a never-ending process

The research does not end when the designs start rolling out, or the code starts compiling.  We're in it for the long haul, continuously refining the experience to meet user needs as they evolve over time.

Our team is well-versed in a spectrum of research methodologies encompassing behavioral and attitudinal analysis, as well as qualitative and quantitative approaches. 

Our UX Research Methods

When we're seeking insights into "what people say," attitudinal research is our go-to. Looking for the deeper “why or how to fix a problem”, we apply qualitative research, whereas quantitative methods do a much better job answering “how many” and “how much” types of questions. Explore a few of our common discovery research activities.

In-depth User Interviews

With these one-on-one conversations, we adhere to the “nothing about users without users” model, which, in turn, helps us create a product that meets the market's needs. We validate or challenge assumptions we might have about the target audience and save time and money by ensuring we are developing the right features and solutions.

Surveys and Questionnaires

We get to collect quantitative information from a larger sample of users to test our hypothesis and/or validate the data we got during an interview. Surveys conducted either in person, via email, or through online forms help us track or discover important issues to address.

Field Studies

Through observational studies, we gain unfiltered insights into user interactions. We keenly observe how users navigate, utilize, and respond to your solution, all while remaining unobtrusive. These nuanced observations shed light on not just what users do, but the underlying motivations and decision-making processes that influence their actions.

Сard sorting

This research activity is concerned with observing how users categorize and label items and gaining an inside look into their mental models and thought processes. This insight is pure gold when it comes to designing navigation menus, information architectures, and content hierarchies.

Clients talk about our UX research agency

Every standout project in our portfolio owes its success to a comprehensive discovery phase. So we leave it up to our clients to share the experience of partnering with us.

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“Their comprehensive research abilities and attention to detail stood out.”

Maxence Bouvier
CEO at Mappn
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“Overall, they’ve gone above and beyond in terms of research while showing us how they’ve come up to the conclusions they have.”

Jorden Beatty
Co-founder at DASH

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Learn about the intricacy of UX design research

Discover the invaluable advantages and challenges of UX design discovery and research throughout the product development process. Our team has taken on the mantle of equipping you with comprehensive guides, insider insights, and expert advice to steer your project toward success.

Frequently Asked

With a rich background in UX Research and a deep commitment to user experience, we are eager to share valuable insights and respond to any questions you may have. Our goal is to help enhance your digital offerings, ensuring they deliver outstanding user experiences.


Can I just skip the research to kick off with UX design?

Neglecting such a basic stage, you take a mammoth risk of investing in a product your users may not need or understand. Without UX design discovery and research, you gamble on your solution’s success. Plus, the lack of a solid data foundation complicates the whole thing — it would be a challenge to create an accurate and comprehensive product design plan which risks resulting in expensive, repetitive iterations, mishaps, and lost revenue.


Do I still need to carry out any UX research method if I know all about my potential customers?

First, it all depends on what tools you used. Let’s say you leveraged analytics and A/B testing to define the target audience's user personas. And that’s great. But these methods help learn about people from customers' perspectives and ultimately, they provide less information than you could benefit from. Knowing what your users want limits you from an in-depth understanding of their motivations and offering them a solution they need. 

Second, at Lazarev. we cultivate a flexible approach meaning our team customizes the design research process to your product, business goals, and vision.


What UX/UI research deliverables can I expect?

After we run an in-depth discovery, you get a detailed research report, user personas, user journey map, product roadmap, etc. On top of that, we share our perspective and recommendations on how to implement the findings into your design based on research, your vision, and business goals.


How do you use the research results in the design process?

Basically, we use findings from UX design research to build user centered design or service. That’s the prime reason for running it in the first place. Our team utilizes the research results to map out design solutions, functionality that is important for users, product positioning and incorporates all of it into your solution.


Do you do user testing and usability testing within the UX discovery sprint?

The discovery stage does not assume carrying out usability testing or any other testing to observe user behavior with the real user interfaces. Usability testing activities take place during the UX design stage. Get to know more about how we approach UX design. 


What is the timeline and price range of UX discovery?

It's a matter of tailoring the approach to your specific project type, product concept, initial conditions, and overall scope. The timeline for UX discovery can span anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, with associated costs ranging from $4,000 to $10,000. For precise details regarding timelines and pricing, don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

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