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At Lazarev, a UX design agency, our expertise lies in building personalized user experiences across an array of digital products, applications, websites and more, spanning diverse industries.

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At Lazarev, we design experiences that not only immerse users in your brand but also set your brand apart and establish its significance in the cultural landscape.

  1. At the heart of every user experience is the customer. We prioritize their journey, ensuring that tasks are completed effortlessly for the ultimate engagement.
  2. Our pursuit of delivering a distinctive and engaging UX experience is always anchored in the essence of your brand identity. We create brand experiences that authentically reflect your core values.
  3. In every user experience design project, we uphold the pillars of usability, accessibility, and engagement. We never settle for a single solution; instead, we explore multiple options to enhance the user experience, always asking ourselves, "How can we make this even better?"
Case studies

UX design: our Portfolio

We put thoughtfulness and intentions behind each UX solution. Our approach extends beyond simply crafting the best information architecture or designing the most intuitive navigation or other solutions that work for everyone — it's about tailoring solutions that resonate with your unique project and bring measurable results.

User Experience Design services

As a UX service design agency, we embody the ethos of UX in every project we take on. We consistently adopt a UX-centric viewpoint, scrutinizing each project through the lens of human centered design. This practice extends across all digital initiatives we undertake, from launching a consumer mobile app to designing an admin panel.  Simultaneously, we singled out the main niches where we continuously curate UX.

Mobile App UX Design

Our user experience designers prioritize the curation of robust mobile experiences that fuel the growth of mobile apps. Even the most intricate functionalities are meticulously deconstructed to fit seamlessly within the confines of a mobile app screen, ensuring both intuitive accessibility and streamlined user engagement.

Two mobile phones showing the wireframes for a mobile app.

Web App UX Design

With UX for web apps, our design approach is rooted in optimizing the customer's journey and infusing it with enjoyment. We strategically incorporate interactions and elements that deeply connect with users, rendering even the most mundane web app usage enjoyable.

A laptop showing the wireframes for a marketing agency

SaaS UX Design

Growing conversions and fostering customer loyalty hinges on the SaaS product's ability to address user pain points and deliver a top user experience. Through custom-tailored UX design services, we address the hidden motivations and challenges of SaaS users.

A table showing the wireframes for a SaaS product.

Pioneering AI innovation through UX design

With the use of AI in digital products, we simplify interfaces and minimize user effort. We design primary flows for users and let AI technology handle the rest.

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UX Design services across industries

Every industry has the potential to leverage UX design services for the sake of better business handling. At Lazarev. we create user experience across all niches and rapidly evolving and demanding industries.

🔥 AI & Machine Learning

When designing experiences for AI-driven products, we put a strong emphasis on embracing uncertainty, ensuring data privacy and transparency, promoting trust, and providing clear explanations to make people solve their complex problems by confidently using AI.


Given the sensitive nature of financial transactions, our UX designers first build trustworthy interfaces with clear and transparent communication of financial information.  Next, we tackle the challenge of complex financial systems through data visualizations and other UX practices.

Web3 & Blockchain

With web3 and blockchain projects, our UX designers prioritize simplicity and accessibility that will help users navigate these innovative technologies with confidence. We make it simple for newcomers to manage digital assets and transactions to increase adoption and retention rates.

Real Estate

In the context of real estate, our approach to UX design centers around creating trustworthy and transparent experiences. Our solutions aim to simplify the process of finding, purchasing real estate, and make any other kind of interaction with prop tech informed and transparent.


We specialize in Experience Design, that seamlessly blend service, utility, and inspiration. Our E-commerce designs are strategic sales funnels, meticulously created to escalate conversion rates, propelling your business toward unprecedented growth.

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Our UX design process

Embedded within our UX design methodology is a core principle: there's no universal approach. When approaching each project, we develop a customer-tailored project strategy, enabling our team to tailor each step in our process to your specific requirements.

We have a foundational process framework complemented by custom steps for each project.


Informational Architecture

Following the discovery stage and digital strategy set up, our user experience agency swiftly moves to construct user flows and sitemaps. This lays the foundation for crafting the informational architecture and further comprehensive user experience solutions. Information architecture helps outline key touchpoints with users and create a context of how the app or platform will work.


Wireframes & Prototypes

This phase involves us presenting a few concepts of the interface layout and navigation patterns using low-fidelity wireframes. Upon selection, our UX studio enhances the solutions by refining even the minutest interface elements, ensuring the user interface is primed for testing in the subsequent usability testing phase.


Validating Through User Testing

Before progressing to subsequent stages, our design solutions undergo testing, either through usability testing or A/B testing. This examination allows us to get invaluable insights, and get a fresh perspective on the experience that we might have otherwise overlooked.


Iterating to Address Customer Feedback

To avoid the need for extensive rework during the development phase, we implement iterative cycles of user experience refinement, based on the customer feedback. This approach allows our UX studio to rectify potential issues or bugs before they escalate, ultimately fostering a smoother and more seamless development process.


Handover to UI Team

This phase entails a thorough review of our design outcomes. We revisit the outcomes of our user research and strategic decisions and chart the course forward into the subsequent UI phase. This comprehensive approach ensures that our design solutions are anchored in data-driven decisions.

What our clients say about our UX design agency

We embrace the ethos of UX across every aspect of our approach and forge a unified front with our clients in championing user-centricity. This synergy brings in boundless enthusiasm and yields measurable results.

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“Through a detailed understanding of the client’s platform, Lazarev. was able to create a clean and intuitive UI/UX design that ticked all the boxes. The team was receptive to all requirements and requests and adapted well to timeline changes. They produced accurate mockups at every iterative stage.”

Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
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“Lazarev. fostered a positive engagement by delivering a navigable site that allowed users to absorb information quickly. The team led a thoughtful, efficient workflow that was always prepared for meetings.”

Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems

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Learn the internal secrets of our UX agency

With nearly a decade of experience as a UX design studio, we've amassed a treasure trove of UX design narratives. We avidly share informative articles on design practices, unveil the hidden gems within our success stories, and craft essays delving into the inner workings of a UX design company.

Frequently Asked

Our interdisciplinary team of UX experts collaborates closely to understand your project's intricacies, identifying unique challenges and constraints. We then craft multiple UX design solutions. Feel free to reach out with questions – we're dedicated to elevating your digital products and user experiences.


Does your UX design firm provide UX consultation services?

Yes, we do. Our offerings include both general consultation via a call and a more complex and deep option known as a UX audit. In the case of the latter, our UX design consultants engage in a thorough discovery phase to gain insights into your business. Following this, they meticulously assess the UX of your product, website, or platform, and propose targeted improvements that align with your goals.


How much time does a software UX design project take, and what cost?

The timeframe and cost of a software UX design project are contingent upon its unique requirements. Typically, crafting UX design for software, platforms, or applications spans anywhere from 4 weeks to several months.  The minimum engagement rate of our UI UX design agency for UX design is $5000. Feel free to reach out to us, provide insights into your project, and we'll be delighted to offer you a tailored estimate. 



How many UX designers will work on my project?

The size of our UX design team is tailored precisely to your project's requirements. Whether you need a singular UX specialist or a well-coordinated team of web designers, our resources are adaptable. The determination of team composition hinges on factors such as project scope, objectives, constraints, and beyond. You are welcome to share a project brief with us, and we'll provide you with insights into the ideal resources that can be allocated to ensure the success of your endeavor.



What is the difference between UX design and User Interface Design?

User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI) design are two closely related but distinct disciplines within the realm of product design, particularly in the field of digital products and applications. They both focus on enhancing the user's interaction and engagement with a product, but they address different aspects of the design process. Lazarev. is a full-services agency, meaning we are also a UI design agency. If you’re not sure what service you need, contact us, and we’ll be happy to consult you! 


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