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At Lazarev., we design custom real estate websites, leasing management and construction planning apps, real estate admin panels, and beyond.

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We address every user concern within the world of Real Estate.

At Lazarev., our Real Estate web designs aren't merely about aesthetics; we are empowering your customers with the tools and information needed for confident decision-making in the dynamic realm of Real Estate.

  1. In an era where the digital landscape has reshaped the way people buy, rent, sell, or manage properties, we recognize that the human element remains at the heart of every Real Estate endeavor.
  2. We create Real Estate web designs that instill confidence and control in your journey through the complex world of Real Estate.
  3. When crafting commercial Real Estate websites and applications, we leverage our understanding of PropTech-specific user behavior patterns like property search, valuation, investment management, and beyond.
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UI UX Design

We drive the Real Estate industry forward by designing AI-powered property valuation tools, blockchain-based property record systems, energy-efficient home automation software, and beyond.

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Web design Real Estate

We create meaningful user experiences on digital products like B2C leasing management software or property marketing platforms, construction planning software, real estate admin panels, residential complex websites, Real Estate company website design, or any other solution the PropTech industry might shape.

We create user experience that meets high user expectations for security, usability, and reliability.

Our approach to Real Estate design

Our approach to Real Estate UI/UX design revolves around user-centricity, transparency, and empowerment. We provide users with comprehensive property information and legal guidance while offering intuitive financial tools. Our mission is to simplify the complex Real Estate world, providing reassurance and confidence to our valued users.

Addressing Emotional Aspect

We embark on the emotional journey of our customers, catering to their precise needs for a sense of security and addressing every concern within the realm of Real Estate.


We place paramount importance on understanding user needs and providing them with comprehensive details for seamless Real Estate navigation.

Simplifying Legal Complexities

We offer invaluable guidance on navigating the legal intricacies of real estate transactions. This includes simplifying complex aspects such as contracts and financial matters, ensuring our users are well-informed every step of the way.

Empowering Financial Clarity

Our aim is to empower users with the clear and transparent tools they need to make informed and confident decisions within the dynamic Real Estate landscape, including mortgage calculations, property tax assessments, etc.

Pioneering AI within the Real Estate business

With AI tech we enhance Real Estate UX by suggesting properties that match user preferences, streamlining property valuations, automating property management tasks and more.

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At Lazarev. we design meaningful and personalized user experiences across the entire Real Estate ecosystem.

Real Estate UX services

We bring together industry-specific knowledge and expertise in UI/UX design to offer a tailored suite of solutions. Whether you require a commercial Real Estate website design or a personal realtor website design, our user experience design services are meant to reach your business objectives and elevate the digital world of PropTech.

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UX Research

When researching home buyers' needs or other PropTech audiences, we focus on understanding emotional aspects and thinking of ways to address them. We identify user goals, such as property searches and financial calculations. We also consider the dynamic nature of property markets, paying attention to the impact of emerging technologies like AI and blockchain in reshaping how users interact with real estate platforms.

  1. Functional Decomposition
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. User Research
  4. Product Positioning and Strategy Roadmap
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UX Design

Based on UX research findings, we create user journey maps to visualize the entire experience and conduct iterative testing for continuous improvement. Besides usability heuristics and specific objectives of your project, we prioritize platform performance for a seamless and informative user experience that caters to the ever-evolving Real Estate industry's demands.

  1. Informational Architecture
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping
  3. User Testing
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Real Estate UI services

Recognizing that the digital interface's beauty and ease of use mirror the comfort of residing in a property, our real estate web designers create seamless interactions that foster strong connections with users. Whether it's simplifying property searches, implementing interactive property tours, or enabling intuitive appointment scheduling, our designs prioritize user satisfaction and engagement

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UI Design

Our designs incorporate visual accents strategically placed to guide users' attention to essential information. Whether it's a prominent "Contact Agent" button or an eye-catching property highlight, these accents ensure that users never miss critical details. Furthermore, we infuse interactivity into our designs, allowing users to actively engage with property listings through features like 360-degree virtual tours, interactive floor plans, and property comparison tools.

  1. Design System
  2. Interactive Visual Design
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Website Design

Our custom Real Estate websites, in a matter of seconds, educate, build relationships, reinforce confidence, and encourage decision-making in customers. We properly showcase your Real Estate value proposition and highlight key moments to guide prospects to explore. Whether it's through immersive 3D property tours, insightful neighborhood guides, or seamless appointment scheduling, our websites are tailored to captivate, inform, and inspire potential clients, ensuring a compelling online presence that drives conversions.

  1. Sitemap creation
  2. Informational architecture
  3. Motion graphics

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Process of creating Real Estate web design

Real Estate Development is about building the future, and it’s packed with all manner of nuances. In creating a comfortable residential complex, one considers everything from locality, infrastructure, and security, to roof, sheetrock, and apartment numeration.

The strategic design process of designing a Real Estate website within our web design company is as meticulous as Real Estate development. It has been developed over the years, leaving no detail unexamined. From strategy workshops that aim to clarify your users' needs to setting a design system, our design process is ultimately dependent upon the peculiarities of your Real Estate project and based on what you’re really about.

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Clients' reviews on our Real Estate website design company

As an award winning web design agency, we've forged partnerships with real estate agents, brokers, PropTech developers, and innovative PropTech startups. Now, let's hear from them as they share their experiences collaborating with us on website design for Real Estate.

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“They care about the client and have a deep focus on solving problems efficiently.”

Jens Mathiasson
CPO & Co-founder at Fieldstream
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“They layer processes to make sure that things are perfect.”

Josh Allen
CEO & Founder at Tratta

Thoughts from our Real Estate web designers

As a leading Real Estate website design agency, we consider it our duty to stay informed and share the latest news, valuable insights, and expert reviews on how to build a real estate website or Real Estate app design. Stay updated with our comprehensive coverage.

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Share your project idea with us! Should the partnership vibe not align, we're glad to furnish you with valuable insights that could prove beneficial.

Frequently Asked

With a wealth of experience in real estate design, we are passionate proponents of Proptech's potential to reshape the industry. We firmly believe that exceptional UX is driving positive change, making real estate more accessible and enriching lives.


Do you offer website design for Real Estate agents?

Yes, we do offer our help to build a real estate website for agents and brokers and realtor website designs. Our services encompass designing websites that not only establish a strong online presence but also effectively attract potential buyers. 


What do your real estate website design services include?

Our Real Estate website design services offer a comprehensive package that starts with strategy workshops, unique design concepts, and up to brand identity services, and digital marketing.


How is your real estate website design agency different from others?

What sets our award winning Real Estate website design agency apart from others is our unwavering focus on PropTech users and our deep expertise in understanding their behavior. We go beyond just creating user friendly websites; we specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) design that drives business growth.

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We help long-standing companies reshape and amplify their positions by implementing Web3 technologies. As well as we collaborate with emerging startups to launch innovative web3 products that make a splash in the market.

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