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At Lazarev., we create designs that move the needle for DeFi companies, NFT startups, and crypto brands.

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Differentiate your Web3 product with the help of impactful UX.

We exist to bring web3 closer to everyday people, form crypto communities, and empower businesses to utilize the power of blockchain technology. Whatever blockchain solution you intend to bring to the world, we take responsibility for making this solution win over the audience and help you gain a foothold in the market.

  1. Our design solutions are meticulously engineered to enable users to concentrate on the core purpose of a product, all while shielding them from the intricate underpinnings of the blockchain technology driving it.
  2. Working on web3 projects, reject the trivial web3 web design trends. What we provide, in contrast, is a competitive edge that brings tangible value to both individuals and measurable outcomes to your businesses.
  3. Our team delves deeply into your vision, unearthing concealed business insights, addressing objections, reimagining, debating, rigorously testing, and ensuring that your web3 product never hits the market without a resounding demand.

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UI UX Design

With our dedicated expertise in blockchain, decentralized applications, cryptocurrency, and immersive experiences, combined with impactful digital design, we help brands redefine the way they interact with customers.

Case studies

Our web3 design projects

Whatever blockchain solution you intend to bring to the world, we take responsibility for making this solution win over the audience and help you gain a foothold in the market. We have already succeeded in building NFT marketplaces, constructing cutting-edge Blockchain platforms, pioneering in the crypto prediction space, enhancing crypto trading solutions, and advancing the crypto community.

We transform the complexities of web3 into your business’ competitive advantage.

Our approach to blockchain web design

Our approach to designing crypto and blockchain digital solutions is highly tailored and depends on the specific digital product and objectives at hand. We proactively address technical challenges to prevent unnecessary expenses and ensure a smooth development process.

Addressing Technical Challenges

To avert unnecessary expenditures on bug fixes, we proactively anticipate and tackle potential UX issues that might emerge during development. 

Simplifying DeFi's Complexity

In order to make your product's value proposition easily comprehensible and encourage user retention, we conceal the intricacies of smart contracts and minimize UX complications. Our web3 design empowers users to focus on the product's purpose without the need to grapple with the complexities of the underlying technology.

Enhancing Transparency and Security

In our quest to minimize churn rates, we adhere to the principles of transparency, offering users complete visibility into financial operations. Collaborating with developers, we establish a secure and dependable infrastructure for data storage and management. 

Mitigating the Learning Curve

To surmount the blockchain's steep learning curve, we provide explanations, assist users in finding answers, and guide them through various actions. By leveraging familiar elements like icons and text, we simplify the intricacies of blockchain, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Infusing AI tech into web3 and blockchain projects

From enhancing smart contracts by AI, improving security and blockchain data analysis, and even tokenizing AI data – all to push the limits of what's possible.

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At Lazarev. we design meaningful and personalized user experiences across the entire Web3 ecosystem.

Web3 UX design services

At our web3 design company, we offer a comprehensive suite of UX services, backed by a team of adept UX designers, strategists, and researchers who are well-prepared to support your venture in the crypto realm. Our commitment is straightforward – we facilitate the understanding of essential web3 principles, focusing on security, trust, and transparency for the masses.

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UX Research

Every Web3 product design project commences with a meticulous Discovery Stage. Through in-depth user research and a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape and market dynamics, we identify opportunities for your Web3 business. We create unique selling points and value propositions to establish a strong presence in the market.

  1. Functional Decomposition
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. User Research
  4. Product Positioning and Strategy Roadmap
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UX Design 

We craft interfaces that are not only transparent but also user-friendly, simplifying intricate blockchain interactions. This, in turn, empowers users to effortlessly manage their assets and engage with decentralized applications. Additionally, we educate users about blockchain technology, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and harness the full potential of web3 products.

  1. Informational Architecture
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping
  3. User Testing
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Web3 UI Design services

Our mission is to create a compelling and uniform UI design across diverse touchpoints. From crafting breathtaking web3 graphic design to building high-impact CRO websites, we collaborate with you to ensure that your company's visual identity resonates profoundly with your target audience.

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UI Design

We forge a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable user interface design that forges a robust connection with your audience within the rapidly evolving blockchain sector. To this end, we leverage motion graphics, animation, and 3D design.

  1. Design System
  2. Interactive Visual Design
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Website design

When embarking on the creation of your blockchain website design, we harmonize your brand's core values and mission with the visual language of your website. Our primary objective is to assist you in crafting a website that not only highlights your unique selling proposition but also drives substantial traffic and bolsters your digital presence in the dynamic world of blockchain.

  1. Sitemap creation
  2. Informational architecture
  3. Motion graphics

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The process of our web3 design agency

We offer a bespoke design process tailored to your specific business objectives, depending on where you are in the business lifecycle. If you're an early-stage Web3 startup with aspirations to launch a new app or platform, or secure funding, we've got you covered. At Lazarev, we will assist you in entering the industry and developing a funding-worthy solution through comprehensive user research, growth strategy, digital design, and more.

Alternatively, if you're an established company seeking to revamp and strengthen your presence in the Web3 domain, our team is fully equipped to guide you in that endeavor. We'll rejuvenate your solution with a UX audit, product strategy, and a complete redesign.

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What clients say about our blockchain design agency

We’ve partnered with blockchain, DApps, crypto startups, and global brands to help them bring Web3 closer to everyday people. 

Now we step away and let them share their experience working alongside our web3 graphic design and UI UX design agency.

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"I was impressed and happy as if they own the project."

Safwan Al Turk
CEO at Conscious Baboon
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"We get a lot of value working with them."

James Crane-Baker
CEO at Gigworkers

Expert reviews on web3 graphic design and UI UX

We believe in blockchain evolution and its potential to revolutionize various aspects of our economy. Thus, we take it as our obligation to share our learnings & insights, talk about our successful projects, and follow the latest events in the web3 world.

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Share your project idea with us! Should the partnership vibe not align, we're glad to furnish you with valuable insights that could prove beneficial.

Frequently Asked

We are enthusiastic about responding to any questions you may have about our web3 and blockchain design services, and we are readily available for contact. With years of experience in this field, we're well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance.


How is your web3 design company different from other agencies?

What sets us apart from other digital product design agencies is our focus on the web3 industry and specific design expertise. Our team has extensive experience working with blockchain space which helped us learn the pain that ordinary people experience with web3 products and their true needs. We have a deep understanding of the unique design challenges and opportunities that blockchain technology presents to help your product triumph.


What kind of design services does your blockchain UX design agency offer?

Our web3 design agency covers all design needs, yet we won’t make you pay for unnecessary services you never need. Instead, we offer a solution specifically tailored to your web3 project, including UX research, product strategy, web3 website design, animation, motion, and UI UX design.


How do you design crypto, NFT, web3 platforms?

Our team has developed a personalized approach to web3 crypto projects, which includes the following: running stakeholder workshops and product discovery sessions, developing a purposeful product strategy, conducting user interviews, creating user personas and a customer journey map, prioritizing features and creating a product roadmap, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing and a number of other steps. Learn more about our design process. 


What web3 UX design challenges does your web3 design studio address?

Our web3 UX designers tackle several key challenges to ensure successful platforms. We simplify the inherent complexity of web3 technology, offering intuitive interfaces. We foster innovation to distinguish platforms in a saturated market. We emphasize unique brand identities to stand out. Additionally, we possess the technical expertise to manage complex requirements and adapt to evolving user needs.

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