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At Lazarev., we create user interfaces that immerse customers into your brand. We offer UI design services for, digital products, websites, platforms and beyond, serving diverse industries.

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At Lazarev., we firmly believe that UI design goes beyond making things look good. At its core, it's about utilizing visual design to attract users, encourage conversions, and re-engage subscribers.

  1. We firmly believe that placing your customers at the forefront is paramount. So our human-centric approach drives us to craft interface design that resonate with your audience, fostering strong connections between them and your brand.
  2. The principle is to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.  We firmly believe that user interface design is not solely about appearance; it encompasses the overall experience and how every element seamlessly caters to the users' needs.
  3. With your business growth in mind, we adhere to the scalability principle, crafting UI designs that can effortlessly accommodate future content and feature expansions. That minimizes the need for frequent overhauls as your business scales.
Case studies

UI design: our Portfolio

Our expertise in web UI design extends to B2B and B2C platforms, websites, and digital products, skillfully blending usability and aesthetics. We specialize in curating impactful experiences within digital interfaces, all while upholding your brand's core values and mission as our unwavering priority.

UI design services 

Whether we're organizing the information architecture of a complex app or shaping the interaction design of a landing page, our foremost goal is to deliver customized and engaging experiences that lead to sustainable and profitable growth. Our core principle remains unwavering — it's not just about the interaction design; it's about the users and getting their tasks done easily and with minimum effort. To fulfill that, we offer a diverse range of user interface design services.

Web App UI Design

When providing the web UI design services, our primary aim is to make the final result nearly "invisible" to users. This way, we ensure that your customers can fully concentrate on accomplishing tasks within your product rather than solely on web design. As they achieve success, they'll naturally keep coming back, boosting your retention rate, overall customer value, and ultimately, your profits.

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Mobile App UI Design

Lazarev.'s goal is to craft a favorable UI mobile design, finding the right balance between adhering to standard guidelines and infusing authentic, unique elements. With that in mind, we design UI app interfaces that communicate brand values and reinforce users’ trust. Where appropriate, we sprinkle in bits of gamification, adding a touch of fun to the responsive design and creating that sought-after wow factor.

Two phones showing the UI design of a mobile app

SaaS UI Design

In the realm of SaaS UI design, harmonizing with your brand identity, appealing to your target audience, and aligning with your business goals is essential. Our focus is on ensuring it accomplishes this effectively, conveying your company's purpose and principles, all while accentuating the product's strengths in a captivating way.

A tablet showing the UI design for a SaaS product.

AI solutions for user interface

Through our UI design services, we infuse a human touch into AI-powered products and help people comprehend the logic behind AI and how it generates results.

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Interaction design for a wide array of industries

Our expertise in designing user interfaces spans various industries, allowing us to inject innovation and unconventional elements into your digital product. However, understanding industry-specific behavior patterns, we create user experiences that feel familiar and intuitive to your customers.

🔥 AI & Machine Learning

When designing user interfaces for AI-driven products, we keep asking ourselves “Can we make things simpler?”. When it comes to artificial intelligence, it’s crucial to embrace uncertainty, ensure transparency, and offer clear explanations.


In the realm of designing FinTech products, we put a premium on ensuring transparency and making complex financial processes intuitive and accessible. Through UI UX design, our team instills confidence, driving user adoption and retention in this sensitive and competitive sector.

Web3 & Blockchain

With Web3 projects, our design team strives to provide users with straightforward and approachable experiences. Adapting the interface design for newcomers is especially paramount, enabling them to seamlessly embrace the app and navigate the world of blockchain with confidence.

Real Estate

At Lazarev., we provide web & mobile UI design services that cater to all types and scales of retail. Our main goal is to create customized and captivating experiences that make searching for properties, the rental process, purchases, and everything in between, simple and straightforward.


We design premier shopping experiences, seamlessly blending your brand's purpose, personality, and  reasons to purchase with effortless shopping functionality. Our expertise lies in designing e-commerce brand websites that drive sales through differentiated user interface design.

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Our UI design process 

As we kickstart the user interface design process, our cornerstone is our design methodology, which we've been refining for nearly a decade. This approach consistently delivers value to the startups we collaborate with.

Our UX and UI designers tailor project strategies for each endeavor, adapting every phase to fit the product's distinct requirements.


Gathering ideas though mood boards 

Once we wrap up the thorough UX research and user experience design phases, interaction designers step in to shape user interfaces. But before diving into the visual design process, it's crucial to define design preferences. To do this, we craft moodboards that effectively convey the desired design directions.


Crafting design concepts 

To bring to life the desired look and feel of the product's UI, we create design concepts, drawing from insights gathered through UX research and inspiration from moodboards. Concepts work wonders in aligning design decisions with the client's business goals, ensuring a seamless connection between design, strategy, and the overarching vision.


Working on a design system

Once we select a particular concept, the next step is to craft cohesive design systems. They set the guidelines that maintain uniformity throughout the product's interface. Additionally, it expedites the shift from design to development by minimizing errors and contributing to streamlined communication.


Building high-fidelity prototypes

During this stage, our design team creates prototypes that users can interact with, giving a tangible feel of the product. This interactive version mirrors the real user experience, enabling us to test interactions, user pathways, and features. This is also a crucial step to fix any issues and ensure the solutions are on point.


Preparing for design hand-off

Once the product is designed, tested, and polished, we compily all the insights gathered during the design process and hand them over to the engineers. Additionally, we conduct a design Quality Assurance after the product is coded to ensure everything is just right.

What our clients say about our user interface design

Having worked closely with numerous startups on digital design services, we think it is most valuable to let them share their own partnership experiences with us. Get a direct perspective from the founders themselves and discover what sets our visual design services company apart.

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“Through a detailed understanding of the client’s platform, Lazarev. was able to create a clean and intuitive UI/UX design that ticked all the boxes. The team was receptive to all requirements and requests and adapted well to timeline changes. They produced accurate mockups at every iterative stage.”

Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
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“Lazarev. fostered a positive engagement by delivering a navigable site that allowed users to absorb information quickly. The team led a thoughtful, efficient workflow that was always prepared for meetings.”

Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems

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With nearly a decade of UI/UX product design experience and over 125 prestigious design awards, our confidence in UI design is well-founded. This expertise reflects in our blog, where we share insights, articles, and success stories. Delve into a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and tools to unlock the true power of visual design.

Frequently Asked

At Lazarev., we create user interfaces that enhance your brand, drawing in customers and keeping them engaged. Our expertise lies in delivering top-notch UI design services for digital products, websites, mobile apps, and beyond, serving diverse industries.


How long does it take to design a user interface, and what is the cost?

The timeline for designing user interfaces can vary based on the complexity of the project and your specific requirements. Generally, web UI design services take anywhere from a few weeks for simpler projects to a few months for more complex ones. As for the cost, it depends on factors such as project scope, features, and the level of detail you're seeking. 

For instance, interaction design can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks and cost between $2,500 and $10,000, depending on the number of screens. Design concepts may incur costs of $800 to $1,200 and typically require 2 to 3 days. But what you should know is that we tailor our pricing to suit your needs, so feel free to reach out for a personalized quote based on your project specifications.



Do you provide UI mobile design?

Yes, sure. At Lazarev., we design UI app interfaces that make digital products stand out, even in highly competitive markets. Employing a data-driven approach, we overpower challenges such as poor onboarding, complex navigation, and tiny interfaces, and offer users optimal usability and accessibility. Through a responsive design that echoes your message, our team captivates audiences and motivates them to engage with your brand. By adding fun game-like elements, relevant notifications, and widgets, we ensure users keep coming back to your app, time and time again.



Can your UI design services company work with branding guidelines?

Certainly! Lazarev. can work closely with your branding guidelines. We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent and cohesive visual identity across all aspects of your digital presence. By incorporating your branding guidelines into our UI design process, we ensure that the user interface designs we create not only align perfectly with your brand's aesthetics but also contribute to reinforcing your brand's identity and recognition. 

If you’re seeking some bold transformation through a new brand identity, we can be of help too. The Lazarev. team is fully capable of creating a fresh branding that resonates with your vision and values, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.



Can you collaborate with our development team?

Absolutely! Once the product is designed, tested, and refined, we pass on the outcomes to developers. This could be your own in-house team, our trusted development agency, or even Lazarev.'s Webflow developers. 

At this stage, UI designers gather all the valuable insights collected throughout the design process — things like customer journey maps, user flows, design visuals, detailed sketches, components, guidelines, prototypes, and style references — and then we pass all of this on to the engineering team.



Do your UX designers work on interactive design?

As a comprehensive UI/UX design agency, we offer full-service capabilities, with UX designers contributing to nearly all aspects of our endeavors. These designers take charge of the user experience design within their project domain, while also participating in interactive design whenever the project demands their expertise.



Do you offer post-design support or updates for digital products?

Our dedication to your project doesn't stop once it's launched. The Lazarev. team offers continuous product management to keep your solutions ahead of the game. We oversee feature implementation, analyze performance through data, and constantly enhance your product to match evolving market and user needs. Your project manager will be your point of contact, ensuring ongoing communication for as long as you need.


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