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At Lazarev, we specialize in creating impactful UX design for FinTech companies with a focus on security, compliance, and user appeal.

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FinTech design agency that builds and scales your business.

At Lazarev, a FinTech design agency, we create meaningful user experiences that empower individuals and businesses to manage their finances, invest, save, and transact in a digital and convenient manner.

  1. Our custom-tailored UX designs equip users with the personalized ability to efficiently handle routine financial tasks, such as cheque deposits, fund transfers, budget planning, and more.
  2. We believe in empowering your customers to take charge of their financial operations without overwhelming them with data and complex calculations. Instead, we provide them with transparency and visibility into every step of the process.
  3. Our approach involves a fundamental rethinking of intricate technological practices, resulting in streamlined methods for sharing, saving, investing, and effectively managing money.
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UI UX Design

By collaborating with trade companies, investment startups, neobanks, and visionary entrepreneurs, we challenge the status quo, ushering in financial innovations that seamlessly integrate into everyday life.

Case studies

UI and UX Design For FinTech Products

At our FinTech design agency, we have partnered with trade companies, investment startups, neobanks, and others. Our portfolio includes a B2B payment acquisition SaaS, a B2C financial analysis and investment modeling application, a B2B financial reporting tool, an application for stock market analysis, and more. In each project, we bring a meticulous approach and a deep understanding of the intricacies that define the FinTech landscape.

We create user experience that meets high user expectations for security, usability, and reliability.

Our approach to FinTech UX design

In the realm of FinTech design, our approach is custom-crafted to navigate the nuances of the financial landscape. We prioritize user control over financial data, personalization, seamless error handling, and meticulous attention to legal considerations—elements that intricately shape the user experience.

Minimizing churn rate 

We build a FinTech product with people using it in mind and solid user authentication so that your target audience is sure their financial records are safe.

No-nonsense data display

We visualize information with a strategic level of detail so that people can manage their finances without additional help. This way, you provide people with a clear record of their financial operations and save extra costs on customer services.

Straightforward onboarding 

Our goal is to ensure users don't drop off, allowing them to swiftly progress to the next stage with ease. We offer them a seamless journey, starting with a straightforward registration process that guides them through without encountering any obstacles.

Trustworthy experience

We make our design communicate a strong sense of security. To this end, we create “near-constant reassurance” like visual cues, clear privacy policies, and encryption indicators, constant progress feedback, and more.

We’re 💪 leading in designing AI FinTech solutions

Our strategic design help users to make informed financial decisions. We craft AI FinTech solutions for risk management, predictive analytics and much more.

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Users don't want overcomplicated flows or confusing terabytes of data. They want apps that make their lives easier — and we totally get that.

FinTech UX design services

No matter the financial solution you aspire to introduce to the market, we shoulder the responsibility to ideate, design, launch it, and further facilitate its expansion and scaling over the years. Being a full-scale FinTech design agency, we engage in the full spectrum of your business activities, from researching the market to establishing a brand identity and marketing website.

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UX Research

Our initial step involves identifying and addressing potential threats and risks that your app or software may encounter. During the UX research phase, we delve into critical aspects like two-factor authentication, encryption, and access control to develop effective mitigation strategies for the UX design stage.

  1. Functional Decomposition
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. User Research
  4. Product Positioning and Strategy Roadmap
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UX Design

In the realm of FinTech UX design, we excel in translating the complexities of the financial sector into seamless pathways that empower users to effortlessly manage their finances. We focus on developing accessible, usable, and engaging user experiences.

  1. Informational Architecture
  2. Wireframing and Prototyping
  3. User Testing
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FinTech UI design services

In the FinTech space, we prioritize utmost simplicity and unwavering trustworthiness in our visual designs. Our mission is to create designs that effectively communicate your values and mission, instilling a sense of trust and confidence in the intricate FinTech landscape.

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UI Design

In our UI design service, we uphold a consistent and polished visual style, fostering a sense of credibility among users. While maintaining a professional aesthetic, we also infuse a touch of playfulness into the intuitive interfaces through engaging interactions and seamless transitions.

  1. Design System
  2. Interactive Visual Design
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Website Design

We seamlessly blend your brand's core values with the visual language of your site. Our goal is to ensure you get a marketing site that not only highlights your unique selling proposition but also attracts traffic and bolsters your online presence within the dynamic FinTech industry.

  1. Sitemap creation
  2. Informational architecture
  3. Motion graphics

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Our process for FinTech product design

In the vast landscape of FinTech, where each sector presents its unique challenges, we tailor our design process to cater to the intricacies of FinTech user experiences.

Our methodology for FinTech product design typically commences with a deep dive into user experience research, allowing us to unearth the precise needs and expectations of users. We then rigorously validate our design solutions through comprehensive user testing, and with each iteration, we refine the design until it reaches its pinnacle.

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Clients speak out:what they say about our FinTech designs

Having worked with multiple Fintech startups, we leave it up to them to share the experience of partnering with us. Learn from the founder’s mouth about Lazarev. approach.

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“They care about the client and have a deep focus on solving problems efficiently.”

Jens Mathiasson
CPO & Co-founder at Fieldstream
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“They layer processes to make sure that things are perfect.”

Josh Allen
CEO & Founder at Tratta

Insights & thoughts on FinTech web design

We’re strong believers in the innovative potential FinTech has. That’s why our team keeps up with what’s happening in the industry and also shares our case studies, business insights, and news in the FinTech space.

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Frequently Asked

At Lazarev., we bring years of expertise in fintech design to the forefront. We are passionate advocates of the transformative power of exceptional user experiences in the world of finance, firmly believing that it has the potential to enrich lives and revolutionize the fintech industry.


What experience do you have in FinTech app design?

We’ve worked with various B2B and B2C financial technology products, from digital banking, payment acquisition SaaS apps, digital lending apps, financial marketplaces, and platforms for digital payments, to investment platforms and more. Contact us to get to know whether we have the right expertise to complete your project. 



What kind of FinTech design services do you offer?

Working with us means you get to leverage a whole set of services, including FinTech UX design, web design, user research, UX audit, product strategy, wireframing, prototyping, motion graphics, etc. Depending on your specific type of FinTech product and business goals we come up with the design approach to fit your needs.



How long does it take for you to hand off the complete FinTech UI UX design?

Designing FinTech projects can take from several weeks to months. Timeframes depend on the type of your product, the overall scope of work, and how complex deliverables are. There’s quite a difference between FinTech website design and banking app design. Hence, the time we’d take to finish also will be different. If you want to know a detailed timeline for your solution, let’s talk.



What kind of support do you offer after the design for my project is finished?

We don’t say goodbye after your Fintech project is complete and ready to win over the market and users’ hearts. Our team offers you product management. We analyze the implemented features and activities, keep tabs on analytics to see how your FinTech app or software performs, and hone it along the way.


Do you offer a personalized approach to different FinTech companies?

Whatever your FinTech product is, you get a tailored approach that would cover your specific needs and be tailored to the specifics of your Fintech company. That means we deep dive into your vision, business goals, and target audience and offer a data-based perspective on how to make your app or software a powerful solution.


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