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At Lazarev, the UX audit agency, we specialize in providing comprehensive UX audits for a diverse range of digital products, experiences, platforms, and more, spanning diverse industries.

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At Lazarev, we are committed to delving deeper. Our approach extends beyond surface-level assessments and business-centric interface evaluations. We strive to uncover the 'why' behind previous design decisions, revealing the underlying behavioral patterns that shape user actions.

  1. Our UX audit services are aimed at enhancing your business metrics, creating new revenue streams and even getting more results with the same resources.
  2. Our ultimate mission revolves around reducing strain on your existing audience, and elevating overall usability and user experience.
  3. Before curating a comprehensive list of transformation-oriented recommendations, we embark on a quest to unearth the essential 'why' behind your prior design choices, and discern the patterns they have woven within your existing user base.
Case studies

UX Audit: our Portfolio

Having audited B2B software, e-commerce marketplaces, B2C mobile apps, and more, we've forged an impeccable track record in UX design across a multitude of industries. This experience empowers us to subject your product to a rigorous evaluation against a backdrop of best practices and industry standards during our comprehensive UX audit services.

UX Audit services

Despite our extensive experience, our journey begins with a profound exploration of your project's intricacies. We dedicate ourselves to comprehending your target audience, aligning with your business objectives, and pinpointing any pertinent constraints. Only once we have a clear understanding of your digital solution and its unique intricacies, do we initiate the rigorous UX evaluation process.

Web App UX Audit

Within our Web UX Audit services, we prioritize usability, performance, and design. We evaluate navigation, form usability, and page load speeds for a smoother user experience. Throughout the audit, we maintain a keen focus on security, legal compliance, and content strategy, ensuring that your web UX not only delights users but also safeguards their data and complies with industry standards.

A laptop showing a presentation screen that discusses the results of a UX audit for a web app

Mobile App UX Audit

Within our Mobile UX Audit services, we meticulously assess device compatibility, performance, intuitiveness, and accessibility. With a deep understanding of mobile navigation principles, we evaluate mobile-specific interactions, ensure effective feedback, and assess navigation and information architecture for logical organization, including search functionality efficiency.

A laptop showing a presentation screen that discusses the results of a UX audit for a mobile app

SaaS UX Audit

Within our SaaS UX Audit services, we focus on analyzing  onboarding, usability, and functionality. We assess scalability, integration capabilities, and compliance. Our emphasis on cost transparency and user engagement strategies ensures a user-friendly experience, supported by ongoing feedback.

A laptop showing a presentation screen that discusses the results of a UX audit for a SaaS app

Forging AI Solutions with the UX Audit service

We identify touch points where AI can be integrated to make the interface more simple and straightforward and minimize user effort.

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Conducting UX Audits Across Different Fields

Every redesign project at Lazarev begins with a crucial preliminary UX audit stage, irrespective of the industry. We're dedicated to excellence and specialize in applying our UX audit services to the industries closest to our hearts.

🔥 AI & Machine Learning

UX audit helps in identifying touch points where AI can be integrated to make the interface more simple and straightforward and provide value, such as personalized recommendations, predictive analytics, or natural language processing, and more.


We dive deep into your financial solution to uncover any trust issues or obstacles hindering your users. Armed with insights gathered from UX audits, we revamp your product to build a banking and financial technology platform that's not only secure and reliable but also scalable.

Web3 & Blockchain

Our UX review of your decentralized systems provides a profound understanding of user interactions within your Web3 solutions. It serves as the blueprint for creating fluid interfaces that not only instill trust but also facilitate broader participation in the decentralized ecosystem.

Real Estate

Our goal is to craft an intuitive user interface that empowers individuals in their property search, simplifies PropTech operations, enhances property management, streamlines building processes, and encompasses all aspects of the Real Estate realm.


UX review identifies conversion barriers, like complex checkout processes, or confusing catalog pages, and suggests UX improvements to lower bounce rate and increase upsales.  The UX audit report also assesses the quality, relevance, and clarity of content, ensuring it improves conversion rates.

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Our process of conducting UX review

When revitalizing your brand’s digital experience through our UX Audit services, we dig up hidden business reasons causing the need to change, dig deep into the product metrics, reveal problems, and develop solutions.

We continuously resort to the data-driven framework to redesign wisely & systematically.


Strategy Workshops

We hold visioning sessions with stakeholders and product discovery workshops to surface the business reasons and intentions behind the redesign. Specifically, we look for answers to critical questions like what are the strengths and weaknesses of your product, what is the growth curve, what pain points users face, etc.


User Observations

We examine how previous solutions performed through Hotjar / Google Analytics data, and reveal the stumbling block. This enables us to get to the heart of user preconceptions, their motivations, and intentions.


Design Evaluation

During the usability audit, we are used to identifying the product metrics to focus on within the redesign. Then we evaluate the digital experience according to UX heuristic principles and industry standards.


Mobile UX Audit

Recognizing the paramount significance of mobile design, we meticulously assess the responsiveness and user experience of your solutions on mobile devices. Our UX audit findings serve as the compass that guides us in charting an effective redesign strategy.


Improvement Action Plans

As we harness the power of UX analysis, we don't stop at data collection. We craft a robust product vision and curate a comprehensive list of recommendations to propel your product toward remarkable improvement.

When the time has come, we methodically evaluate your existing product, dissect the market landscape, and dive deep into technological exploration.

Choosing the Ideal Time for UX Audit Services

The right time for a User Experience audit can vary depending on the specific circumstances of a product or business. At Lazarev. we’ve offered UX audit services to different businesses at different stages of their growth.


After your product, platform, or website has been live for some time, it's valuable to conduct a UX audit to gather user feedback and data on actual user interactions. This can help in giving your target audience more value and helping you scale.

Product Upgrade

When planning a major upgrade of your product, a UX audit can provide valuable insights into what's working well, what should be changed, and how to ingrain the product updates so as not to overwhelm existing users.

Performance Dips

If you notice a decline in user engagement, increased bounce rates, or a drop in conversion rates, a UX audit can help identify the root causes of these issues. At Lazarev. we not only identify problems but battle them.

Integration of New Technologies

When integrating new features or technologies, such as AI, ML, AR/VR, or IoT, a UX audit can assess how well these additions can be perceived by the existing user experience and how to integrate them so that they bring maximum value to your users.

Clients talk about our UX Audit Services

Embarking on UX audits, we compose a team of researchers, designers, and business analysts, each going the extra mile to bring measurable results to clients. So we let them share their experience.

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“Through a detailed understanding of the client’s platform, Lazarev. was able to create a clean and intuitive UI/UX design that ticked all the boxes. The team was receptive to all requirements and requests and adapted well to timeline changes. They produced accurate mockups at every iterative stage.”

Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
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“Lazarev. fostered a positive engagement by delivering a navigable site that allowed users to absorb information quickly. The team led a thoughtful, efficient workflow that was always prepared for meetings.”

Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems

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Learn the latest about UX audit

At Lazarev, we're excited to share invaluable insights gained from our UX reviews. We offer tips and insider knowledge on how to assess interfaces for maximum value from your analysis. Join us in the pursuit of UX excellence.

Frequently Asked

At Lazarev., we bring our extensive expertise in UX Audit and user experience to the forefront. We are enthusiastic about sharing valuable insights and being readily available to answer any questions, all with the aim of elevating your digital products and services to provide exceptional user experiences.


Why Not Just Skip the UX Audit?

Sure, you can bypass a UX audit, but be cautious about the outcomes. Skipping this step means diving into redesign blindly, which isn't the best approach for achieving your business goals.


How do you use the audit results in the design process?

We take the findings from UX design audits to reshape your product, delivering added value to both your audience and your business. It's the primary reason we embark on this journey. Our team harnesses these insights to craft an enhanced product vision, a strategic product roadmap, and a refined UX direction.


What does a UX audit report comprise?

It's a comprehensive document, often presented in a visually engaging format, that encapsulates all the discoveries made during the UX audit. Inside, you'll find interface screens highlighting problem areas, detailed descriptions of the issues, and practical recommendations for improvement, complete with examples.


Do you do usability testing during a UX audit?

While usability testing is essential for assessing how users interact with your interface, it's not typically part of the UX audit process. However, it is closely connected since usability testing helps validate design recommendations based on the findings of the UX audit.


How much does a UX Audit cost?

The investment for UX audit services can vary based on your product and desired outcomes. In general, you can expect a UX audit to cost between $2,000 and $8,000, with a typical timeline of 2 to 4 weeks. Keep in mind that the complexity of your project often influences both the duration and cost of the audit. As the project intricacy increases, so does the time and investment required.


Does UX audit serve to increase user satisfaction?

The answer is yes. A UX audit helps identify usability issues, bottlenecks, and pain points in the user journey. By addressing these issues, you can make the users experience smoother and more enjoyable, reducing user frustration.

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