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At Lazarev., a mobile app design agency, we excel in ideating and designing B2B/B2C, progressive, cross-platform mobile apps and experiences that forge meaningful connections with your customers.


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At Lazarev., we lead the way in mobile app design services, prioritizing mobile-specific UX factors that help create efficient UX and optimal mobile app performance.

  1. Guided by the principle of serving users' precise needs and acknowledging the inherent constraints of mobile devices, we craft streamlined UX solutions that eliminate unnecessary steps, reduce cognitive load and user effort.
  2. Considering mobile screen limitations, we design clear visual hierarchies, consistent layouts, and design elements that guide users through the mobile solution seamlessly.
  3. Our commitment extends to preserving a uniform user experience across diverse mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.
Case studies

Mobile App design: our Portfolio

Our expertise transcends mere mobile experience creation. We translate your brand identity into immersive experiences that embody your values and forge meaningful connections with your customers, enabling them to engage with your brand seamlessly through their mobile screens on the go.

Mobile app design services takes mobile app design to the next level with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your needs. Our solutions have a singular focus: your users. So we’re all about enhancing their experience, boosting engagement, and delivering satisfaction, all within a cost-effective framework.

UX Research

Success in mobile app design begins with understanding your audience. At, we're well aware of that. We dive deep into user behaviors and preferences, crafting designs that seamlessly align with your business goals. From your initial app idea, we sculpt a finely-tuned tool, not just meeting user needs, but delivering business results for you.

A few stickers on a Figma jam file showing the results of a UX Research

UX Design

Crafting exceptional app designs is at the heart of our expertise, fueled by our unwavering commitment to achieving business excellence. Whether it's an iOS app or Android app, we guarantee a seamless and intuitive UX across all mobile devices, resulting in elevated conversion rates and heightened customer satisfaction.

Two mobile phones showing the wireframes for a mobile app

UI Design

We pour your brand essence into every pixel, crafting a visual design that not only speaks to your users but also seamlessly integrates with your vision. Adding gamification elements, relevant notifications, and widgets, we encourage users to get back to the app again and again.

Two mobile phones showing the UI design for a mobile app

Pioneering AI solutions for mobile apps

We strive to balance AI technology's power with mobile device limitations, ensuring our UX maximizes AI benefits for efficient task completion.

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Mobile app design agency for all kinds of industries

Our versatile mobile app design services transcend industries, catering to everything from banking apps to e-commerce ventures. We excel in crafting user experiences that adhere to standardized industry practices while delivering distinctive, standout solutions.

🔥 AI & Machine Learning

We craft AI-powered mobile  interfaces that  blend voice, text, and touch inputs, thereby offering users unparalleled versatility in interaction. We then refine voice-controlled interfaces, prioritizing clarity, simplicity, and responsiveness to voice commands.


We prioritize stringent data privacy measures and ensure seamless cross-platform compatibility, guaranteeing a frictionless mobile experience. Also, we provide comprehensive, transparent disclosures encompassing fees, terms, and conditions within your FinTech mobile app.

Web3 & Blockchain

At Lazarev., we emphasize smooth user onboarding, robust scalability, and top-notch security for Web3 mobile apps. With a sharp grasp of blockchain principles and a constant eye on emerging trends, we're your go-to for navigating this decentralized digital frontier.

Real Estate

Our expertise extends to integrating advanced features like virtual tours and customized recommendations, ensuring real estate apps not only convert effectively but also provide an immersive and personalized experience.

E-commerce excels in cross-platform mobile app design, ensuring seamless user experiences for online shoppers. We bring our expertise to a range of services, encompassing advanced search functionality, streamlined checkout processes, and more, all tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Our design process: how we design mobile app

When it comes to design services for mobile applications, we don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. The process of creating or fine-tuning a mobile app doesn't have to be a long, complicated ordeal. We focus on the areas where we can make the most impact in the least amount of time.

Our design process is a dynamic one, shaped by the diverse tapestry of clients we collaborate with.


Conducting UX research 

We kick off by delving deep into understanding your users and their needs, a crucial aspect of the mobile app design process. Applying design thinking and agile approach, our team then develops a well-structured roadmap to build and launch products and effectively administer company resources in all areas.


Building wireframes & prototypes 

Next, we transform insights from our research into practical wireframes and prototypes. They're the foundation for an app that's intuitive and efficient. Streamlining the user experience means users spend less time figuring out how your app works and more time engaging with your content—translating into higher engagement and retention.


Crafting visual design

By crafting finger-friendly touch targets and selecting appropriate fonts and spacing, we ensure effortless interactions and seamless legibility. Our approach eliminates user guesswork and guides them smoothly through the mobile app experience on both iOS and Android platforms.


Moving to the app development

After a rigorous design, testing, and refinement process, we gather vital insights, including customer journey maps, design visuals, prototypes, and more, which we then transfer to the engineering team. Whether you prefer your in-house team or our trusted development agency to handle app development, the choice is yours, and we're here to discuss it.


Testing and iterating 

After mobile app development is wrapped up, we transition into the Design Quality Assurance phase, where our designers test the digital product. This process is vital for identifying and resolving any bugs, usability issues, or performance concerns. It's our way of safeguarding your app from launching with any flaws and sparing you from potentially costly long-term consequences.

Clients speak up: what they say about our mobile design

Our track record in mobile design and development isn't just empty words – it's backed by the trust of hundreds of satisfied clients. So dive into the testimonials. They're real stories from real people, sharing their experiences and the tangible results of our collaborations.

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“Through a detailed understanding of the client’s platform, Lazarev. was able to create a clean and intuitive UI/UX design that ticked all the boxes. The team was receptive to all requirements and requests and adapted well to timeline changes. They produced accurate mockups at every iterative stage.”

Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
/ 02

“Lazarev. fostered a positive engagement by delivering a navigable site that allowed users to absorb information quickly. The team led a thoughtful, efficient workflow that was always prepared for meetings.”

Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems

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Mobile app design trends & insightful materials

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Frequently Asked

With a rich background in mobile design and user experience, we are enthusiastic about sharing our expertise and addressing any inquiries you may have. Our mission is to help you enhance your mobile app's usability and engagement, ensuring it delivers an exceptional user experience.


Do you provide mobile app development services?

Yes, at Lazarev, we do provide mobile app development services. Lazarev. collaborates with a trusted full-cycle development agency to handle the backend development for mobile apps. Their unwavering dedication to the best standards aligns with our values, and they have become our longstanding partners in delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

We are also open to collaboration with our clients’ in-house teams. Our mobile app designers gather all the valuable insights acquired during the design process and transfer them to your engineering team.


Do you provide app design for Android platforms?

Certainly, we provide design services for both iOS and Android platforms. Whether you need an exceptional iOS app or a top-notch design for Android platforms, our team is well-equipped to cater to your specific requirements.


What distinguishes your mobile app design service from others in the industry?

At Lazarev, we truly set ourselves apart through a dedicated emphasis on UX research. This approach allows us to gain deep insights into your business, understanding its unique needs and potential challenges. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we conduct a thorough analysis, enabling us to create designs for mobile apps that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.


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To ensure the digital presence and growth of your business, we create a conversion-oriented website or promotional landing page. By adhering to your brand guidelines, we design a visually pleasing marketing website that connects with your customers.

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