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At Lazarev., we specialize in building robust products for SaaS companies, prioritizing customer adoption, retention and scalability.

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At our SaaS web design agency, we seamlessly integrate your business goals with user requirements to create a meaningful UX design.

  1. Your SaaS customers extract the utmost value from your product, paving the way for seamless adoption and maximum utilization.
  2. We entice the acquired customers to go beyond the activation points and embrace the full spectrum of what your SaaS solution has to offer.
  3. We make sure your  SaaS product will be effortless to scale and retain its user base without sacrificing performance or user satisfaction.
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UI and UX design for SaaS companies

As a SaaS product design agency, we honed in on building B2B and B2C web applications, dashboards, mobile-first SaaS, and B2B SaaS websites across industries. From collaboration tools, CRMs, and management applications to entertainment and educational SaaS, we've worked on everything within the subscription-based environment and now push the boundaries by integrating AI and machine learning into SaaS web design.

SaaS UX Design and UI Design services

At Lazarev., we specialize in crafting exceptional user experiences for a wide range of conversion-focused software, from CRM to project management tools and enterprise resource planning solutions. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-end SaaS web design services that elevate any product and delight all types of users.

UX Research

To ensure a well-informed web design for SaaS products, we launch the discovery phase first. We analyze your SaaS clients, learn your business goals and digital strategy, explore your SaaS web product concept, and more. Then we study insights from UX research and market analysis, which help us further create user personas and a customer journey map. This approach is essential for creating a scalable SaaS web design.

A few stickers on a Figma jam file showing the results of a UX Research

UX Design

Every design move we make is backed by UX research and put to the test by real users. When designing the UX, we're all about unlocking the maximum value of your SaaS product, wrapped up in an interface that's smooth and intuitive while driving more paid customers.

A laptop presenting a dark-mode interface with data visualizations.

UI Design

In a world of limited attention spans, a polished UI is crucial for SaaS web apps. It captivates users, boosts engagement, and reduces bounce rates. To unleash that potential, we start the design process by setting UI design direction, developing UI design concepts and design systems, and, finally, facilitating a seamless design-to-development handoff.

A laptop and mobile phone showing the coloured interface of an NFT app

SaaS website design

When designing a website or marketing materials for a SaaS company, we prioritize conveying the SaaS positioning and unique value proposition. Working on brand identity, we create one that's not just a look but a genuine reflection of the SaaS product's vision and mission.

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We’re 💪 leading in designing AI FinTech solutions

Our strategic design help users to make informed financial decisions. We craft AI FinTech solutions for risk management, predictive analytics and much more.

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Navigating SaaS across industries

Our design expertise span various sectors, addressing needs ranging from financial software to e-commerce platforms. We specialize in creating B2B and B2C SaaS application across industries.

🔥 AI & Machine Learning

We craft AI-powered mobile  interfaces that  blend voice, text, and touch inputs, thereby offering users unparalleled versatility in interaction. We then refine voice-controlled interfaces, prioritizing clarity, simplicity, and responsiveness to voice commands.


Our team creates FinTech SaaS, offering a personalized experience that understands individual financial needs. We make sure your SaaS offers seamless and user-friendly  integration with other financial tools and services.

Web3 & Blockchain

We start by emphasizing simplicity and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. Our design is crafted to facilitate seamless interactions with other Web3 platforms and to uphold transparency through open-source code

Real Estate

Our designs enhance your SaaS, providing immersive virtual tours, user-generated content to build trust, and transaction management features. We give priority to mobile optimization, AI-driven recommendations, and strong data security.


We help you enhance your SaaS apps within the E-commerce niche, providing captivating product showcases, user-generated content to build shopper trust, and streamlined order management features. We create seamless UX for AI-powered intergrations like product recommendations.

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Our SaaS Design Process

SaaS platforms are always evolving, which means their designs must handle changing user demands and data loads with ease. It's essential to accommodate a growing number of users without sacrificing performance – not an easy undertaking, to be honest.

Our approach involves diving deep into user experience research, conducting thorough user testing, and iterating on the design until it's just right.


Discovering your goals and vision

Before even sketching out a project plan, we hold on stakeholder workshops to figure out your SaaS business needs, constraints, and opportunities and come up with a set of research activities.


Creating SaaS product strategy

We develop a strategy roadmap for your SaaS that provides a high-level overview of the product's goals and milestones. It's a compass that keeps you and our design team headed in the right direction.


Building wireframes & prototypes 

Next, we transform insights from our research into practical wireframes and prototypes. They're the foundation for your SaaS that's intuitive and efficient. Streamlining the user experience means users spend less time figuring out how your SaaS works.


Crafting visual design

By crafting finger-friendly touch targets and selecting appropriate fonts and spacing, we ensure effortless interactions and seamless legibility.


Testing and iterating 

We test our design solutions with real users and identify and resolve any usability issues or performance concerns. It's our way of safeguarding your SaaS from launching with any flaws and sparing you from potentially costly long-term consequences.

Our principles orbit around key tenets such as robust security and compliance measures, personalized user experiences, intuitive onboarding processes, and a design that can effortlessly scale as your SaaS grows.

Our approach to designing SaaS products

Within the B2B SaaS environment, we embrace adaptability, robust security, and focus on enhancing user experiences, among other important aspects of B2B web design. Within B2C niche, we leverage emotional design, personalization, data analytics, security measures, speed, and reliability, among other essential factors that ensure sustainable scalability.


Prioritize customization and integration capabilities to align with diverse B2B client needs. B2B clients expect your SaaS to offer configurable options, allowing them to adjust settings, layouts, and features to align with their workflows.

In-app messaging

We implement in-app communication strategies that highlight the benefits of premium plans, upsell features and encourage referrals. By creating purposeful and just enough modals, tooltips, and product walkthroughs, we drive more conversions.

Modular architecture

We design your SaaS so individual components or modules can be developed, updated, and maintained independently. This allows for swift updates, seamless additions, and scalability.


Leveraging gamification, we encourage users to explore more of your SaaS application. At the same time, while integrating social features, we prompt the network to attract new users.

Clients speak out:what they say about our SaaS design

After collaborating with numerous SaaS organizations, we believe it's best to let them share their experiences of partnering with us. Learn firsthand from the founders themselves about the unique approach of Lazarev.

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“Lazarev. completed the project on time and within budget. They have an admirable structure and process that worked effectively and creatively. The team is also available and responsive despite their huge time zone difference.”

Nicolas Grasset
CEO at Peel Insights, Inc
/ 02

“Thanks to Lazarev.'s work, the client was highly satisfied with the UI/UX design. The team was responsive and provided updates frequently. The quality of work was impressive, and their attention to detail was highly commendable. They are professionals who are passionate about their work.”

Aman Kansal
Co-Founder at Encyro Inc

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Uncover the secrets of SaaS web design

Having gained in-depth insights on SaaS UX and UI design, we’re committed to sharing this knowledge and delivering value to startups and individuals. So our team regularly publishes articles, guides, and case studies to provide expert reviews and perspectives on this topic.

Frequently Asked

With a proven track record in SaaS design, we've collaborated with diverse niches, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation for SaaS businesses. Our expertise enables us to craft tailored solutions that empower SaaS companies to thrive in their respective markets.


What makes your SaaS design agency different from others?

Lazarev. sets itself apart by considering each SaaS web design project a top priority. With a portfolio of over 500 successful projects and recognition from design awards like The Webby Awards, Red Dot Awards, and Awwwards, our team is skilled in delivering high-quality, results-driven SaaS web designs.


What design elements contribute to excellent SaaS UI design?

To achieve great SaaS web design, we utilize motion, graphic design, and 3D design based on the project's requirements and the client's business goals.


How much does web design SaaS cost?

The pricing for great SaaS web design is tailored to your project's specific requirements and complexity. Our design services start with a minimum engagement of $20,000. Additionally, for other digital design services such as UX/UI design, branding, digital strategy, website design, and motion graphics, the minimum engagement cost is $5000. Get in touch with us to discuss your unique project needs and receive a personalized quote.


What SaaS web design challenges do you address?

Though the SaaS industry is packed with inexhaustible opportunities, it’s also full of UX pitfalls. We address these, among others: redundant functionality, data overload, multiple user types, and inconsistency. 


Does your SaaS web design agency have development capabilities?

As for software development requirements, we collaborate with a full-cycle development agency. Their commitment to the best web development standards has earned our enduring trust, making them our long-term partners in delivering exceptional solutions.

As for SaaS website development, we do offer coding. At Lazarev., we prioritize the highest web development standards, ensuring excellence in every project we undertake. For both our internal needs and as a recommended tool for clients' websites without complex backends, we've chosen Webflow. With this website builder, we can create responsive designs ten times faster, facilitating smooth and rapid iterations during the review process, while also ensuring effortless content updates in the future.


Do you consider yourself a SaaS website design firm?

Our SaaS web design services are not constrained by product or branding design, rather we design everything digital within the SaaS ecosystem. At Lazarev.agency, we have designed and developed websites for 50+ B2B and B2C SaaS businesses. If you’re interested in a B2B SaaS website design or a B2C one, you’re welcome to get in touch with us. We’ll gladly show you the portfolio of similar projects. 

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Website Design

To ensure the digital presence and growth of your business, we create a conversion-oriented website or promotional landing page. By adhering to your brand guidelines, we design a visually pleasing marketing website that connects with your customers.

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