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At Lazarev., a web app design agency, we create experiences for optimal user value and ROI. Our expertise lies in crafting B2B/B2C, progressive, single-page, and other web apps.

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At Lazarev., our UI/UX designers craft web app user experiences tuned to delivering a faster time to value. We offer a custom-tailored approach and ultimate flexibility to each web app project.

  1. Our approach revolves around personalization, tailoring the experience to individual persona preferences and behaviors. Then, we incorporate usability heuristics principles, focusing on elements such as visibility of system status, user control, and error prevention.
  2. By concentrating on user tasks and objectives, we ensure that the app's content and navigation are logically organized. This results in a clear visual hierarchy and a streamlined navigation flow.
  3. We ensure that users can derive tangible benefits from the web app and complete their jobs to be done faster and more smoothly. This enhances user experience and contributes to faster onboarding and heightened retention rates.
Case studies

Web App design: our Portfolio

Having worked for over 8 years with B2B/B2C progressive web apps, single-page web apps, e-commerce, project management, e-learning web apps, and others, we know firsthand how to turn our clients’ needs and business objectives into prosperous products.

Web application design services 

Regardless of your industry, our commitment remains unwavering: we deliver top-notch web app design services to support your growth and success. At our core, we are dedicated to helping businesses of all kinds flourish with our expertise and innovative solutions.

UX research

In our web app design process, we always follow the principle of "nothing about users without users." At the same time we never dive into the design without thoroughly exploring the market and studying the competitors. This essential groundwork is all part of our commitment to prioritizing UX research in our design approach.

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UX Design

At Lazarev.agency, we place a strong emphasis on user-centricity, intuitive navigation, and responsive web design. Our UX designers always begin by asking "Why" before addressing the "What" and "How" aspects, ensuring the creation of products that foster meaningful user experiences.

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UI Design

In our web application UI design services, we prioritize functionality over aesthetics, ensuring that the design serves a functional purpose. In fact, we make the final result nearly "invisible" to users. By adopting this approach, we naturally foster retention, elevate overall customer value, and ultimately drive your profitability.

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UI/UX design for AI web apps

We specialize in crafting AI-driven web applications that prioritize the user experience, reducing user effort while maximizing value and outcomes.

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Web app design agency for a wide range of industries

Whether you’re building an app for managing records, accounting, automation, project management, or any other type of daily operations, we back you up with our holistic web application design services. Our web app design and app development expertise spans different industries, enabling us to bring fresh value, instill trust, and enhance transparency in your operations.

🔥 AI & Machine Learning

When designing a web app user interface for an AI-driven product, we strive to create experiences that are both meaningful and relevant for users. Our aim is to reduce user effort while maximizing value and results people get using AI tech.


In a world where financial transactions can be complex and security is paramount, Lazarev.agency addresses these challenges by designing FinTech web apps that prioritize user-centricity, security, and regulatory compliance.

Web3 & Blockchain

When our team members design a web application, they integrate blockchain at the core to establish trust, transparency, and decentralized data management, empowering users with greater control over their assets and identities.

Real Estate

At Lazarev.agency, we approach the design of real estate web applications with a keen focus on user-centricity, ensuring that property seekers enjoy seamless navigation and access to detailed listings. We also prioritize mobile optimization to meet users' real estate needs even on the go.


At Lazarev.agency, we design e-commerce web apps with a simple goal: to create an enjoyable shopping experience. We make navigation easy, so customers quickly find what they want, and ensure our apps work smoothly on mobile devices.

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How to design a web app: our process

We collaborate with diverse clients across industries such as FinTech, Web3, e-commerce, retail, and beyond, so our style is molded by their specific objectives and preferences. Yet, a fundamental aspect consistently guides our design process: a human-centered approach.

When it comes to web application design services, our methodology is not confined to a fixed set of traits. Our style is molded by your specific objectives.


Conducting UX research 

Our web app design journey begins with the initial phase, where we dive into understanding the project's goals, who it's intended for, and the market it operates in. UX designers conduct thorough user research, analyze competitors, and gather requirements to outline the project's scope and objectives.


Building wireframes & prototypes 

Next, we craft wireframes and prototypes to sketch out the web app's design and functionality. This phase enables us to envision how the application will be structured and how users will interact with it, opening the door for early feedback and fine-tuning.


Crafting visual design

After completing the extensive UX research and user experience design phases, our UI designers take the reins in shaping user interfaces. However, before delving into visual design, it's essential to establish the preferences. To accomplish this, we create moodboards that effectively communicate the desired visual directions.


Moving to the app development

Once the product is designed, tested, and refined, we gather all the insights collected throughout the design process — such as customer journey maps, user flows, design visuals, sketches, components, guidelines, prototypes, and style references — and then pass all of this to the engineering team, whether it's your in-house team, our partnered development agency, or Lazarev.'s Webflow developers.


Testing and iterating 

We carry out a Design Quality Assurance once the web application is coded to ensure everything is spot-on. We put the digital product through testing to pinpoint and fix any bugs, usability concerns, or performance hiccups. User testing is instrumental in gathering feedback and insights for making additional refinements.

Lazarev’s app design company: clients' testimonials

Having provided our web app design services to numerous startups, we believe the most valuable insights come directly from the founders' experiences. By hearing from these entrepreneurs, you can gain firsthand perspectives and uncover what truly distinguishes our web app design agency.

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“Through a detailed understanding of the client’s platform, Lazarev. was able to create a clean and intuitive UI/UX design that ticked all the boxes. The team was receptive to all requirements and requests and adapted well to timeline changes. They produced accurate mockups at every iterative stage.”

Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
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“Lazarev. fostered a positive engagement by delivering a navigable site that allowed users to absorb information quickly. The team led a thoughtful, efficient workflow that was always prepared for meetings.”

Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems

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With 500+ projects completed and our team earning 120+ prestigious design awards in just one year, our expertise is clear. We're not here to boast; we're here to share that knowledge in our blog. Explore our exclusive content—it's informative, engaging, and well worth your time.

Frequently Asked

Drawing upon our extensive experience in web design, we are excited to share our insights and answer any questions you may have. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your web design goals and create a digital presence that captivates and converts.


How much do your web app design services cost?

When it comes to the cost of the web application design services, it really depends on such things as how big your project is and what kind of details you're looking for.

For example, if you're thinking about interaction design, it can range from $2,500 to $10,000, and it might vary based on how many screens you need. Our starting point for UX design is $5,000.

But here's the thing – we don't have fixed prices because we want to make sure we're a good fit for you. So, don't hesitate to get in touch. Share some insights about your project, and we'd be happy to work out a personalized quote just for you. It's as simple as that!


Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support for web apps after they are launched?

We're committed to your project even after it's up and running. At Lazarev., we provide ongoing product management to keep your web design application ahead of the curve. Our team takes care of adding new features, analyzing performance using data, and constantly improving your design web app to meet changing market and user demands. Your project manager will be there to stay in touch for as long as you require.


How long does it typically take to design web app?

The time it takes to design web application user interfaces can differ, depending on how complex your project is and what you're looking for. Usually, when we're crafting the UX design for software, platforms, or applications, it can take anywhere from around 4 weeks to several months. When it comes to the interaction design, that can be completed in a shorter span, ranging from just 1 to 4 weeks. We always tailor our timelines to suit your specific needs.

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To ensure the digital presence and growth of your business, we create a conversion-oriented website or promotional landing page. By adhering to your brand guidelines, we design a visually pleasing marketing website that connects with your customers.

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