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An all-in-one E-commerce: shopping platform gains 25M monthly visits

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E-commerce turned into a first-choice way of shopping. See how our client leverages this power to reach their target audience and hit robust results.

What if there was a one-stop platform where you can buy anything you need? It would be like an online mall but with the best deals right at your fingertips. Well, our client RedBrain has an answer to this question.

What’s the idea behind RedBrain?

It’s a smart product discovery network that encompasses both shoppers and businesses. It matches buyers with the goods they’re looking for, offers the best prices, and helps boost brands' sales by promoting items to customers.

People find products they need, companies reach their target audience, and RedBrain serves as a platform for both sides. It’s a win-win-win situation for all three parties.

The RedBrain team didn’t stop there. The company aimed to build the largest audience of online shoppers by integrating with platforms that work best for them.

But here’s the trouble. Despite the scale and powerful functionality, RedBrain struggled with an inconsistent and outdated design. Both jeopardized the platform’s goal to enter the global landscape.

Lazarev. cue to enter the scene

We set out to revamp the product with the redesign and build an interface to help RedBrain reach new heights. 

Our team rethought the platform, leveraging up-to-date design solutions to give RedBrain a modern look. We also built a new homepage, search functionality, user shopping journey, product pages, payment flow, etc., to effortlessly lead customers to checkout.

RedBrain interface after Lazarev. redesign
Redesign for E-commerce RedBrain

What’s up with RedBrain now?

The platform connects shoppers with the best offers and gets 25M visits per month. Not bad at all, right?

We think so too and are excited to watch RedBrain scale even more.

If you look for a design team to make your product vision a reality, let’s see how we can help you. Contact us at hello@lazarev.agency.

Marlena Stablein Photo
Marlena Stablein
Director of Operations, Blavity
Valeriia Mashyro Photo
Valeriia Mashyro
Project Manager
Viktoria Levchuk Photo
Viktoria Levchuk
Content Manager
Kyrylo Lopushynskyi Photo
Kyrylo Lopushynskyi
3D Designer
Konstiantyn Potapov Photo
Konstiantyn Potapov
Project Manager
Oleksandr Golovko Photo
Oleksandr Golovko
UX Researcher
Anna Hvozdiar Photo
Anna Hvozdiar
Director at Prytula Foundation
Ostap Oshurko Photo
Ostap Oshurko
Design Lead
Nielsen Norman Photo
Nielsen Norman
Stas Tsekhan Photo
Stas Tsekhan
Head of HR
Anastasiia Balakonenko Photo
Anastasiia Balakonenko
Design Lead
Oleksii Skyba Photo
Oleksii Skyba
Webflow Development Lead
Isaac Horowitz Photo
Isaac Horowitz
Founder at Blockbeat
Danylo Dubrovsky Photo
Danylo Dubrovsky
Senior UX/UI designer
Hanna Hvozdiar Photo
Hanna Hvozdiar
Director at Prytula Foundation
Oleksandr Holovko Photo
Oleksandr Holovko
UX Designer At Lazarev.
Emily Thorn Photo
Emily Thorn
CEO at Thorn Associates
Oliver Hajjar Photo
Oliver Hajjar
CEO & Co-Founder at ShopSwap
Kenneth Shen Photo
Kenneth Shen
Managing Partner at Half Past Nine
Safwan Al Turk Photo
Safwan Al Turk
CEO at Conscious Baboon
James Crane-Baker Photo
James Crane-Baker
CEO at Gigworkers
Laith Masarweh Photo
Laith Masarweh
CEO at Assistantly
Katie Wadsworth Photo
Katie Wadsworth
Head of Product at WellSet
Matt Hannam Photo
Matt Hannam
Executive Director at Kin
Jorden Beatty Photo
Jorden Beatty
Co-founder at DASH
Kumesh Aroomogan Photo
Kumesh Aroomogan
Founder at Accern
Andrey Gaday Photo
Andrey Gaday
Head of Design at Lazarev.
Aman Kansal Photo
Aman Kansal
Co-Founder at Encyro Inc
Nicolas Grasset Photo
Nicolas Grasset
CEO at Peel Insights, Inc
Jens Mathiasson Photo
Jens Mathiasson
CPO & Co-founder at Fieldstream
Josh Allen Photo
Josh Allen
CEO & Founder at Tratta
Kenneth Shen Photo
Kenneth Shen
Co-founder at Riptide
Tommy Duek Photo
Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
Maxence Bouvier Photo
Maxence Bouvier
CEO at Mappn
Ibrahim Hasani Photo
Ibrahim Hasani
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering at Metastaq
Boyd Hobbs Photo
Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems
Nick Chapman Photo
Nick Chapman
Founder at Pika AI
Anna Demianenko Photo
Anna Demianenko
Design Lead
Oleksandr Koshytskyi Photo
Oleksandr Koshytskyi
Design Lead
Kseniia Shyshkova Photo
Kseniia Shyshkova
Head of PM
Volodymyr Khliupin Photo
Volodymyr Khliupin
Head of UX
Yurii Shepta Photo
Yurii Shepta
Head of Marketing
Kyrylo Lazariev Photo
Kyrylo Lazariev
CEO and Founder
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