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Kyrylo Lazariev
CEO and Founder
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Lazarev won Webby!

The statue of Webby Awards

Lazarev was declared a winner of the 26th Annual Webby Awards — the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.

What is Webby?

Deemed the “Internet’s highest honor," The Webby Awards promote the most illustrious and innovative digital experiences. Think of an Oscar, a Grammy, or a Pulitzer, but in the digital world.

This was a record-breaking season, with over 14,000 entities from more than 70 countries. Only the top 4% of all entered work received the Webby Awards. A list of this year’s winners includes the major industry players like Apple, Google, Netflix, NASA, Spotify, WeTransfer, and National Geographic.

The most successful design corporations with 2600+ employees and offices worldwide competed in our “Professional Services & Self-Promotion” category.

Lazarev has succeeded in carving out a place among the industry giants, thanks to the design expertise of our talented team

{{Kyrylo Lazariev}}

A laptop screen displaying the Lazarev. website, with a 3D illustration of the Webby statue beside it

It’s been the first time Lazarev. ever participated in The Webby Awards and right away was nominated and awarded. The Best projects in our category were selected by juries based on Content, Structure & Navigation, Visual Design, Overall Experience, Functionality, and Interactivity.

This year the Webby Awards ceremony took place on the 16th of May in New York. The event was hosted by Roy Wood Jr and featured 5-Word Speeches delivered by Webby Winners around the world. Kirill Lazarev was invited to the Red Carpet and used the opportunity to give a speech on stage.

...I am only allowed to say 5 words. Only 5 words to express all the thoughts and emotions every Ukrainian has… I take a breath, “Be brave, fight for Ukraine

{{Kyrylo Lazariev}}

What are success triggers?

We have been hammering away at designing our website for 9 months. A team of 8 people was working literally day and night to create this cool and, at the same time, high-performing site.

Honestly, it’s the 10th version of our website. The agency has been continuously evolving, and, thus, we had to iterate a lot, come up with unprecedented solutions, and design new pages to convey the essence of what we do here.

{{Andrey Gaday}}

For example, we recently designed the Process page to interactively show the steps we follow while designing an MVP or redesigning. Then, we crafted the About us page to show who we are in real life. The page hosts Batumba - a real statue in our office in Kyiv, the embodiment of the agency’s team spirit.

Overall, we united smooth animations, interesting 3Ds, and eye-catching visuals on a crystal-clear and simple interface structure, making our website accessible and super convenient. The website is not overloaded with nauseous effects, yet it’s trendy, professional, and high-performing.

This is the third time our own website has received such international attention: it got a Platinum award at the Hermes Creative Awards, a nomination at The Drum Design Awards, and now the Webby!

We cannot thank our True Believers enough for voting for us, as well as all the team behind this win!

A photo of Lazarev team on a party

Lazarev family says thank you to:

  • The Ukrainian community for supporting us and casting every vote. Especially during these challenging times for Ukraine.
  • All the team for devoted work, sleepless nights, and true passion for moving forward. 
  • Our clients for trusting us their most important initiatives and giving us opportunities to grow.

This is only the beginning. We have a long road ahead of us, but let this win be a reminder that we’re creating something special.

Marlena Stablein Photo
Marlena Stablein
Director of Operations, Blavity
Valeriia Mashyro Photo
Valeriia Mashyro
Project Manager
Viktoria Levchuk Photo
Viktoria Levchuk
Content Manager
Kyrylo Lopushynskyi Photo
Kyrylo Lopushynskyi
3D Designer
Konstiantyn Potapov Photo
Konstiantyn Potapov
Project Manager
Oleksandr Golovko Photo
Oleksandr Golovko
UX Researcher
Anna Hvozdiar Photo
Anna Hvozdiar
Director at Prytula Foundation
Ostap Oshurko Photo
Ostap Oshurko
Design Lead
Nielsen Norman Photo
Nielsen Norman
Stas Tsekhan Photo
Stas Tsekhan
Head of HR
Anastasiia Balakonenko Photo
Anastasiia Balakonenko
Design Lead
Oleksii Skyba Photo
Oleksii Skyba
Webflow Development Lead
Isaac Horowitz Photo
Isaac Horowitz
Founder at Blockbeat
Danylo Dubrovsky Photo
Danylo Dubrovsky
Senior UX/UI designer
Hanna Hvozdiar Photo
Hanna Hvozdiar
Director at Prytula Foundation
Oleksandr Holovko Photo
Oleksandr Holovko
UX Designer At Lazarev.
Emily Thorn Photo
Emily Thorn
CEO at Thorn Associates
Oliver Hajjar Photo
Oliver Hajjar
CEO & Co-Founder at ShopSwap
Kenneth Shen Photo
Kenneth Shen
Managing Partner at Half Past Nine
Safwan Al Turk Photo
Safwan Al Turk
CEO at Conscious Baboon
James Crane-Baker Photo
James Crane-Baker
CEO at Gigworkers
Laith Masarweh Photo
Laith Masarweh
CEO at Assistantly
Katie Wadsworth Photo
Katie Wadsworth
Head of Product at WellSet
Matt Hannam Photo
Matt Hannam
Executive Director at Kin
Jorden Beatty Photo
Jorden Beatty
Co-founder at DASH
Kumesh Aroomogan Photo
Kumesh Aroomogan
Founder at Accern
Andrey Gaday Photo
Andrey Gaday
Head of Design at Lazarev.
Aman Kansal Photo
Aman Kansal
Co-Founder at Encyro Inc
Nicolas Grasset Photo
Nicolas Grasset
CEO at Peel Insights, Inc
Jens Mathiasson Photo
Jens Mathiasson
CPO & Co-founder at Fieldstream
Josh Allen Photo
Josh Allen
CEO & Founder at Tratta
Kenneth Shen Photo
Kenneth Shen
Co-founder at Riptide
Tommy Duek Photo
Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
Maxence Bouvier Photo
Maxence Bouvier
CEO at Mappn
Ibrahim Hasani Photo
Ibrahim Hasani
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering at Metastaq
Boyd Hobbs Photo
Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems
Nick Chapman Photo
Nick Chapman
Founder at Pika AI
Anna Demianenko Photo
Anna Demianenko
Design Lead
Oleksandr Koshytskyi Photo
Oleksandr Koshytskyi
Design Lead
Kseniia Shyshkova Photo
Kseniia Shyshkova
Head of PM
Volodymyr Khliupin Photo
Volodymyr Khliupin
Head of UX
Yurii Shepta Photo
Yurii Shepta
Head of Marketing
Kyrylo Lazariev Photo
Kyrylo Lazariev
CEO and Founder


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