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Lazarev. keeps 5-star streak on Clutch: Experience-based story

A few stars are falling by each other

This article shows 5-star reviews that Lazarev.agency has recently got on Clutch. It also focuses on our work approach and the principles we maintain when working on designs.

No matter what, Lazarev.agency keeps walking a design path, developing outstanding projects for companies worldwide. We combine a thorough UX research, art, and innovations to come up with stellar products and powerful design solutions. 

Quick reminder: we’re a passionate Kyiv-based agency. Although many of our employees moved to safer locations in Ukraine and Europe, we’re still proud of our roots. We keep donating and spreading the word about the terribly unjustified war of russia against Ukraine. So, it’s vital for us to present Ukraine globally and make its voice sound louder.

Recent reviews from Clutch 

To accomplish that, we conduct in-depth user experience research and deliver high-quality designs that push creative boundaries. To show you more of our work, we’re excited to share our recent clients' feedback on Clutch, a world-known B2B review and rating platform. All testimonials have one thing in common — perfect ratings across Clutch’s key metrics. So, here they are:

After a couple of planning Zoom calls with their management and PMs, we connected on Slack and Figma where they delivered work every 2-3 days. The project was completed on time and budget, and we were able to release each part as needed with raving reviews from our customers.

{{Nicolas Grasset}}

At Lazarev.agency, we believe that great designs aren’t created in a vacuum. Effective cooperation between designers and a client’s team is a must and definitely a win-win. Our project managers always insist on regular calls and immediate updates so that both parties are on the same page. We put a premium on consistent communication, and the Peel Insights, as well as the following review, are the best proof of that.

Lazarev. truly excelled in terms of communication. There was never a question of who to talk to; we never had to wait long for responses despite our geographical distance. I truly appreciated that.

{{Katie Wadsworth}}

Lazarev. fostered a positive engagement by delivering a navigable site that allowed users to absorb information quickly. The team led a thoughtful, efficient workflow that was always prepared for meetings.

{{Boyd Hobbs}}

Screenshot of the NODO Inertia Wheels MAX website illustrating the interactive design element

Although it was pretty challenging to demonstrate the NODO Inertia Wheels MAX and shape people’s minds about using the product, we managed to end up with an award-winning design. Hours of UI/UX research and consistent communication with the client allowed us to develop a high-converting landing page with 3D elements, motion, trendy gradients, and glowing colors.

Users responded positively to the app’s user-friendly design, and the client commended Lazarev.’s adherence to their vision. A reliable partner, the team communicated well and provided updates regularly to ensure transparency. Their comprehensive research abilities and attention to detail stood out.

{{Maxence Bouvier}}

We have a cult of trust and transparency at Lazarev. That’s in our best interest to provide customers with crystal-clear data, updates, and recommendations. We never do monkey jobs just to put a tick in the checkbox. Instead, we always conduct in-depth UX research and offer solutions beneficial to the client and their product.

Closing remark

To wrap up, we’d love to express our sincerest gratitude to our dear clients. Thank you for your trust and stellar cooperation. Without your ideas and passion for your products, we won’t be able to come up with such incredible designs. 

More exciting pieces of news are coming. So, we don’t say “goodbye” but “see you soon”. And while you’re waiting for our next blog post, we’re inviting you to visit our Clutch profile to read the reviews. For cooperation inquiries, mail us at hello@lazarev.agency

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Valeriia Mashyro
Project Manager
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Viktoria Levchuk
Content Manager
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Kyrylo Lopushynskyi
3D Designer
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Konstiantyn Potapov
Project Manager
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Oleksandr Golovko
UX Researcher
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Anna Hvozdiar
Director at Prytula Foundation
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Ostap Oshurko
Design Lead
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Nielsen Norman
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Anastasiia Balakonenko
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Oleksii Skyba
Webflow Development Lead
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Isaac Horowitz
Founder at Blockbeat
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Danylo Dubrovsky
Senior UX/UI designer
Hanna Hvozdiar Photo
Hanna Hvozdiar
Director at Prytula Foundation
Oleksandr Holovko Photo
Oleksandr Holovko
UX Designer At Lazarev.
Emily Thorn Photo
Emily Thorn
CEO at Thorn Associates
Oliver Hajjar Photo
Oliver Hajjar
CEO & Co-Founder at ShopSwap
Kenneth Shen Photo
Kenneth Shen
Managing Partner at Half Past Nine
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Safwan Al Turk
CEO at Conscious Baboon
James Crane-Baker Photo
James Crane-Baker
CEO at Gigworkers
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Laith Masarweh
CEO at Assistantly
Katie Wadsworth Photo
Katie Wadsworth
Head of Product at WellSet
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Matt Hannam
Executive Director at Kin
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Jorden Beatty
Co-founder at DASH
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Kumesh Aroomogan
Founder at Accern
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Andrey Gaday
Head of Design at Lazarev.
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Aman Kansal
Co-Founder at Encyro Inc
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Nicolas Grasset
CEO at Peel Insights, Inc
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Jens Mathiasson
CPO & Co-founder at Fieldstream
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Josh Allen
CEO & Founder at Tratta
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Kenneth Shen
Co-founder at Riptide
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Tommy Duek
Founder of Teachchain 
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Maxence Bouvier
CEO at Mappn
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Ibrahim Hasani
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering at Metastaq
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Boyd Hobbs
President & Owner, NODO Film Systems
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Nick Chapman
Founder at Pika AI
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Anna Demianenko
Design Lead
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Oleksandr Koshytskyi
Design Lead
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Kseniia Shyshkova
Head of PM
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Volodymyr Khliupin
Head of UX
Yurii Shepta Photo
Yurii Shepta
Head of Marketing
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Kyrylo Lazariev
CEO and Founder


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